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3 Common Furnace Problems in Frisco

In the next few months here in Frisco, temperatures are going to drop. Especially during the nighttime, we’re going to see a pretty heavy need for our heaters to work as intended. It shocked the country to hear about the ice storm earlier this year and we can only prepare for more record-breaking temperatures and weather events to occur. That’s why it’s important we address the elephant in the room—your heater.

Furnaces are the most common heating systems in Frisco. However, they often can suffer from problems of neglect, a clogged air filter, or even a problem with dirt and grime building up on the burner. We’d like to address some great reasons to call us for heating repair in Frisco, TX.

If you’re dealing with one of these common furnace problems, then we promise we can help.

Common Furnace Problems We See

Let’s talk about three common furnace problems that homeowners in our area are constantly dealing with. You can call our team at any time to get an expert opinion or to get repair services from us if you need our help.

Problems From Lack of Maintenance

Furnaces require yearly maintenance to avoid problems. Sometimes, without a yearly cleaning or maintenance visit, a gas furnace can have a build-up of dirt or grime on the burners which leads to delayed ignition. The gas will begin to pool in the ignition chamber which will cause a small “booming” noise to occur, which is a miniaturized explosion. Don’t be frightened, this isn’t dangerous in that kind of way—but it can become dangerous.

This delayed ignition can cause a crack to form in your heat exchanger which will begin to leak gas and carbon monoxide into your home. This kind of problem can easily be dealt with by routine cleaning that comes with a maintenance appointment.

A Clogged Air Filter

Have you changed your air filter for the first time this heating season? If not, it’s fine. As long as you remember to do it now and every 3 months afterwords, you should be fine.

The air filter of your furnace system is in charge of catching contaminants before they can clog up your furnace and cause damage to the components. A clean air filter will also improve performance and allow your furnace to function at peak energy efficiency. Some problems we get called for can even be related to a clogged air filter, so make sure you’re doing this on a regular basis!

A Failed Ignition (Either Electrical or the Pilot Light)

Newer furnaces have electrical ignitions while older ones rely on pilot lights to ignite the gas and cause the furnace to start heating your home. However, a delayed ignition isn’t the only issue that can occur. An ignition, either an electrical ignition switch or the pilot light, can run into problems that cause your furnace to stop working. You might notice this as the system just not turning on, even if it’s been signaled by the thermostat.

Don’t try to fix this yourself, as this could be dangerous. Call our team to have this problem fixed easily.

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