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Is Your Plumbing System Leaking?

There are a lot of homeowners out there who might laugh at the title of this blog post. They think, how can someone be unsure that their plumbing system is leaking? Isn’t it obvious?

While we’d like to think most plumbing leaks are exactly like the ones we see on TV and in cartoons growing up. It’s easy to recognize water gushing from a big gaping hole in your pipes. However, the truth is that most plumbing leaks aren’t like this. It’s entirely plausible that you’ve got a plumbing leak occurring right under your nose, and it’s wasting precious water and money.

Are you 100% sure that you don’t have a small leak in your plumbing system? A plumber in Plano, TX can help you figure that out. The goal of this blog post is to give you some tools to help find and locate any leaks in your home’s plumbing.

Detecting Small or Pinhole Leaks

In order to be 100% sure that your home’s plumbing isn’t leaking, you’re going to need to take a walk around the house. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following clues, and don’t forget to call our team when you encounter anything that you think needs to be fixed. Our team can be in and out in record time to patch a leak or replace a pipe that’s falling apart.

  • Listen for the sound of running water. If all of your water-using appliances are off, then you’ve got an opportunity to listen for leaks. If you hear the sound of running water, but you’re absolutely certain that nothing should be using any water at this time, then you’ve likely got a leak. Try to pinpoint the location of it using your ears, or maybe you can call us for help to locate the specific pipe that’s leaking. Either way, it shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Look for water droplets and puddles. Where does the water go when it leaks? Check around your basement and crawlspace for puddles and droplets. Ultimately, your home should be dry with little to no water anywhere. If you’re finding fresh droplets of water hanging from a pipe that looks fine, or a puddle underneath your water heater, then you’re likely dealing with a water leak.
  • Feel around for dampness. Sometimes a leak might not look like a puddle, but it can feel and smell like one. Check for dampness around your home. This can be a great way to detect a leak that might be occurring under your nose.
  • Check your water meter. When all of your water-using appliances are shut off, go outside and check the water meter. If it’s still reading that you’re using water, then it’s likely due to a leak somewhere in your home!

Call Our Team for Help

We can help in two ways. For homeowners who think they’re suffering from a water leak, we can be the team to patch it and get your home back to normal. And for homeowners that are unsure if they’re suffering from a leak, or if none of the points above are easy for you, then we can be your leak detection solution.

Contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today for leak detection and repairs. Get it done right… Right now!

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