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Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems in Plano, TX

The promise of the House of the Future that was once a popular type of exhibit at World Fairs and Science Exhibitions has now coming true. Home automation systems boost the “IQ” of a home, allowing it to automate multiple functions that will increase efficiency and convenience. A home automation system places your home’s lights, heater, air conditioner, security system, door and window locks, and more into the palm of your hand: you can control everything through an app on your phone or tablet — from anywhere you have Internet or satellite access!

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers complete installation and other services to hook up homes with customized automation systems. Call us to schedule an appointment in Plano, TX or the surrounding areas. We have the experience and technical skill necessary to see that you receive the finest job possible.

What Home Automation Involves

A home automation system is a way to make a standard home into a "smart" home, one that you can control using apps on your phone. The automation system controls such parts of the house as its comfort settings (via a smart thermostat), lights, ventilation, door locks, lawn sprinklers, and the security system. If it can hook into a central control, then home automation can control it!

Automation systems are customizable, so you don’t need to have the complete package if you don’t need all parts of your home automated. It’s up to you: contact our team and we’ll be happy to tell you about the many options available when it comes to home automation packages.

The Benefits of a Home Automation System

The major advantage of having home automation is the peace of mind that it brings. Have you ever gone on a trip and soon started to worry that you forget to turn off something in your home, such as the upstairs lights? You don’t have to worry any longer, since you only need to look at your smart phone to check on the house. You can also monitor your home security system so you’ll know the house is safe.

Home automation is also an effective way to save money. Not only will you not have to worry about leaving on energy–wasting lights, but you’ll find better ways to conserve energy by cutting down on all the small ways that you use power unnecessarily. Automation brings your home’s systems together and lets you make the most efficient use of them.

We Offer Complete Home Automation System Services in Plano

You might believe that having home automation for your house is out of reach. We’d love to show you otherwise! Our expert electricians handle all types of residential electrical work, so they know the best way to provide home automation that’s tailored to match a customer’s needs. They’ll take you through all the steps of setting up the system, and you’ll receive upfront pricing so you always know exactly what the new installation will cost. Our electricians also repair and maintain home automation systems. Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Plano, TX and throughout Grayson and Collin counties for your electrical service needs.