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ARF House

ARF House – Animal Refuge Foundation

Who They Are

ARFhouse is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused dogs; they are their advocates, and if space is available, they accept any dog who doesn't have a home. At any time, they house and care for 350 dogs, which is what space allows. They spay or neuter all the dogs who arrive, and provide them with medical attention they need. The next step is re-homing the dogs, which takes time and effort. Many dogs will stay at ARFhouse for life, but we want those who can find love and care in a home environment to have the best chance to do so.

About Them

ARFhouse (Animal Refuge Foundation) is a no–kill, care–for–life canine sanctuary, caring for 350 dogs at any given time. Located on 45 acres in North Texas, ARFhouse provides plenty of space for all its residents to live and play, and hopefully find their forever homes. ARFhouse is a Texas non–profit corporation.

ARFhouse has nine paid staff, and five volunteers. Five staff members live on–site. The areas where dogs reside are all shaded with a dogloo for each and every dog. Every ARFhouse employee is an avid animal lover. At any time of the day, there’s a dog being held, touched, and talked to by several employees. They believe this is very important, and something they must always make time to do.