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Humidifier Systems and Service in Plano, TX

The ideal relative indoor humidity level for your home is between 30-50%. If this level is lower than 30%, your air is too dry. Whether it’s summertime or in the dead of winter, Texas residents are often victims of this dry air, which becomes uncomfortable and unhealthy for people, and damaging to homes. While there is nothing you can do to increase humidity levels outdoors, you can invest in a humidifier from Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning in order to take charge of your indoor environment.

It’s not recommended that you purchase a store-bought room humidifier. In order to have the best humidifier installed, you’ll want to ask the professionals about whole-house humidifiers, which increases moisture throughout your entire home for optimal comfort. We offer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance service for whole-house humidifiers throughout Plano, TX and surrounding areas.

Why Should You Install a Whole–House Humidifier?

There is nothing pleasant about a "dry heat." In fact, it can cause health problems and home damage. Besides, there are numerous benefits to installing a humidifier:

  • Energy savings: During the wintertime, you won’t have to run your home heating system as much when you have a humidifier adding extra moisture to the air. In fact, you may be able to cut down your heater’s use by as much as 50% during a mild winter in Texas.
  • Improved health: The additional moisture a humidifier provides helps combat dry sinuses, plus it helps everyone in your household better fend off colds, flus, and other illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality.
  • Protect your home: Dry air causes wood and paint to crack and chip. This is especially bad if you have musical instruments in your home, or valuable wood furniture.

Choosing the Best Humidifier for Your Home

Low moisture levels in your home cause heat to escape faster from your body, making you feel cooler than the actual temperature around you. This may sound like a good thing, particularly during the summer. However, all that moisture lost from your body will cause chapped skin and lips, and eye and noise irritation. You can purchase a store–bought room humidifier, but that will only help you if you plan on staying in that room all day when you’re home! To truly reap the benefits of humidification, you’ll want to have a professional install a whole–house humidifier.

Maintaining Your Humidifier

Just like any other home comfort system, your humidifier needs occasional repairs and routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance. While not too complex, when water flows through your whole home humidifier, sediment can build up on its components, and this can create a problem if hard water is used. Mineral buildup can prevent your humidifier from functioning correctly. The system’s water panel and filter may also need to be cleaned or replaced on occasion. If you suspect you have a problem with your whole house humidifier, be sure to contact the professionals at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Plano, TX. By enrolling in our HVAC maintenance program, you’ll receive discounts on repairs, in addition to a 3–year warranty on parts and labor. Our office staff is here 24/7 to assist with any questions you may have about your whole house humidifier.