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Ductless Systems

Plano, TX Ductless HVAC Systems & Service

Also referred to as ductless mini splits, ductless heating and cooling systems are similar to heat pumps, in that they consist of indoor and outdoor cabinets that circulate refrigerant in order to move heat from one area to another. While in cooling mode, the indoor unit absorbs heat and while in heating mode, the same unit releases heat.

Ductless systems are different from standard heat pumps in that instead of using a single indoor unit connected to a series of ducts, a ductless mini split utilizes multiple indoor air handers throughout the home. These air handlers are small in size, and are mounted on the walls of each room. Each one connects to the outside unit through refrigerant and power lines running through the back of the wall. These air handlers send air directly through your living spaces without requiring ductwork. To learn more about ductless mini split systems in Plano, TX, contact the HVAC professionals at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split?

  • Saves Space: Ductless mini splits are a great choice for new homes or homes that are being remodeled. These HVAC systems take space–eating ducts out of the equation, meaning you have more space and more design flexibility.
  • Energy Efficient: Ductless mini splits are equipped with smaller mechanical components than standard systems. Therefore, they use less power, which makes them an energy efficient choice. In addition, because they lack ducts, air does not lose or gain heat on the way to a room.
  • Zone Control: In a ductless system, each air handler can be run independently of the others. You’ll be able to only heat or cool the rooms that require conditioning, which is incredibly convenient, and also energy efficient.
  • Better Air Quality: Despite using air filters, allergens, and other contaminants can still find their way into you home with a ducted system. Without ducts, the air provided to your home is much cleaner, making this a beneficial choice if there are occupants with allergies or asthma in your home.

Signs That Your Ductless System Needs Repair

We do more than install and replace ductless mini split systems. We’re also ready to conduct any necessary repairs to keep your system in prime shape. While preventive maintenance is essential to ensuring a long, effective life for your system, occasionally problems will occur. For example, one common sign that your ductless system needs repair is leaking fluid. If a leak develops in your refrigerant line, it can quickly drain the system of the fluid in needs to function. Another problem is ice forming on your system. You can trust our team to ensure that whatever issue you run into, it’s taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Maintaining Your Ductless Heating or Cooling System

Just like any other piece of heating or air conditioning equipment, ductless systems need regular preventive maintenance to function properly throughout their lifecycle. During your maintenance appointment, your Plano, TX heating and cooling professional with provide a thorough check of the system, clean all the components, check controls, remove debris from your outdoor unit, and perform many other tasks. The purpose of this is to help your ductless mini split run more efficiently, provide better cooling and heating, have less repair needs, and last longer. Plus, when you sign up for our maintenance plan, you’ll receive a generous discount on repairs in addition to a 3–year parts and labor warranty for your revolving contract.

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