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Automatic Shut–Off Valves

Automatic Shut–Off Valves in Plano, TX

An automatic shut-off valve is a device installed onto freshwater plumbing to prevent a broken pipe or other plumbing mishap from allowing torrents of water to escape into a house and inflict damage. Although not all homes have automatic shut-off valves installed on their plumbing, they should. Does your home have one? If not, this is something to look into right away. You only need to contact our plumbers and they’ll make the arrangements to outfit your plumbing with this important safety device that will protect your home.

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been in the business serving plumbing needs in Plano, TX and throughout Grayson and Collin Counties since 1975. Rely on us for installation, repair, and replacement of automatic shut-off valves and any other residential plumbing work that you might need.

What Is the Purpose of an Automatic Shut–Off Valve?

When you go on vacation, do you spend some time pulled away from having fun because you’re worried about something going wrong in your empty house? Most people run into this concern, and among the major problems that can occur are plumbing accidents that lead to flooding. Water damage is one of the hardest types of home damage to remediate, requiring an immense amount of time and money to correct.

An automatic shut–off valve is designed to prevent this problem—and make your time away from home a bit more relaxing because you’ll know the house is defended against plumbing accidents. If water threatens to flood from a broken pipe or fixture, the emergency shut–off valve will automatically shut off the water main and stop any further water from escaping.

How an Emergency Shut–Off Valve Operates

There are some different types of automatic shut–off valves, including ones that sense water on the ground. However, the most common model of shut–off valve is attached onto the water main for a house and detects changes in water pressure. A sudden loss of water pressure warns of a leak occurring inside the plumbing, and this causes the valve to shut, preventing any more water from flowing. The valve is hooked to the sensor inside the house that will come on to alert the homeowner as to what has happened. If the shut–off valve received a proper installation from a professional plumber, it should shut off fast enough that your home won’t sustain any water damage.

Let Us Install, Repair, or Replace an Automatic Shut–Off Valve for Your Home

You can trust in the more than 40 years of experience at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Not only do we have the history and training to see that you receive the best service for an automatic shut–off valve, we’re a family–owned and operated business that knows the value of always providing quality work and customer service. If you do not have an emergency shut–off valve on your home’s plumbing, you should call us and arrange to have the work done as soon as you can. We’ll take care of the job quickly so you won’t have to worry about flooding damage in your home. Keep our number handy for any other plumbing job that you may need—including repairs for the shut–off valve—and we’ll see that we remain your top choice for plumbing in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas.