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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Plano, TX

There are many important plumbing jobs that our licensed plumbers handle. One of the most difficult is detecting and repairing slab leaks, which is a type of problem that many homes encounter. Doing this work requires years of training and high-end equipment, so it isn’t something that you can ever trust to an amateur or do yourself. This is a large task, and you need qualified experts to take care of it.

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been in the plumbing business for 40 years now, and all our plumbers are licensed with the state and trained to handle jobs both large and small. If you’re encountering trouble in your house that you think stems from a slab leak, call us and we’ll be there. We offer plumbing services to Plano, TX and the surrounding areas.

Just What Is a "Slab Leak"?

Slab leak is a professional plumbing term for a pipe leak in the hot or cold water lines that run through the foundation of a building, such as down within the concrete of a home’s basement. It can also loosely refer to any leaking pipe that is under a hard rock surface. Around 75% of these leaks occur in hot water lines, and 25% in cold water lines.

Because slab leaks occur down in solid stone, they’re rarely simple to detect at first. Their insidious nature can allow them to waste a great amount of water and start to cause damage to a home’s foundation before noticed. Fortunately, there are warning signs and ways that will tell you that your home has a slab leak:

  • The sound of water running in the basement: If you can hear water running in this part of the house, but can’t tell where it’s coming from, then a slab leak is the likely answer.
  • Strange behavior from the water heater: Because the majority of slab leaks occur in hot water lines, a leak will often cause the water heater to fire up even though no one is using hot water in the house at the time.
  • Cracks along the basement floor: As pressure builds up from a slab leak, it will start to create noticeable cracking through the foundation.
  • High water bills: Always keeps a close check on your water bill to see if it rises unexpectedly. Ask your neighbors what they pay per month to see if you bill isn’t abnormally high.

If you have reason to suspect there’s a leak in your house, you can run this basic test: check the reading on your water meter, and then turn off all taps and water–using appliances for an hour. If the water meter shows a continued use of water, then there’s a leak somewhere. It’s time to call the professionals in to detect and fix it.

Professional Slab Leak Repair in Plano

Our plumbers at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning use advanced equipment to find where slab leaks are located, such as listening discs, ground microphones, and pressure scanners. Once we’ve found the leak, we can decide what method is best to repair it. Sometimes we can use non–invasive procedures, such as adding a bypass pipe. Other times we may have to excavate to reach the pipe. We’ll make sure that the job is done correctly, and done fast. After all, that’s our motto: "Get It Done Right... Right Now!" Contact us for slab leak detection and repair in Plano, TX and throughout Grayson and Collin Counties.

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