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Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Services in Garland, TX

Since 1975, Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning has offered homes in Garland, TX the highest quality services when it comes to plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality. We also offer excellent commercial HVAC and plumbing services, as well as install water treatment systems. We’re family-owned and operated, licensed and bonded, and maintain a staff of professionals certified with the state. No matter what services you are looking for-whether it’s a new installation of a central air conditioning system, regular drain cleaning services for your kitchen, or a lighting retrofit-you can trust that we’ll "Get it Done Right… Right Now!"

Need Plumbing Work from a Licensed Local Plumber?

No matter how handy you may be around the house, you should never attempt to take care of plumbing jobs on your own. This work requires more than just a few wrenches on a tool belt! When you contact the licensed plumbers at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning, you’ll have the necessary job finished fast and finished right. Our plumbers offer a wide range of services, including new piping installation, leak detection, gas pipe services, kitchen and bathroom plumbing, and automatic shut-off valve installation. No matter what you need from a plumber in Garland, you’ll find our plumbers are up to the task.

The Finest in Bathroom Plumbing and Kitchen Plumbing

Almost all the plumbing fixtures and appliances in a home are located in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Our plumbers are experienced with offering all the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services that your bathroom and kitchen plumbing may need. Putting in a new toilet, fixing the garbage disposal, installing a sink-if you need it done, we will get it done!

We Offer Quality Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning Services in Garland, TX

The side of your household plumbing that removes waste water and solid waste to the sewer system may not receive much of your attention, but it will at times need our attention. Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides complete drain and sewer cleaning using the best in video pipe inspection and hydro-jetting technology. This will ensure that you receive the most thorough job every time, and that you won’t need to worry about constant clogging. We also handle repair and replacement work for sewer lines.

Need Water Treatment Systems or Water Filtration Systems?

If you have worries about contaminants in your residential water supply, such as lead, pesticides, and hard water minerals, you aren’t alone. We have helped many homes enjoy better quality water thanks to our installation of water treatment and filtration systems. We will take care of the water testing that will find out what is in your water, and we’ll find the best solution. Rely on Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning when you want the freshest, purest water for your home in Garland, TX.

Call Us for AC Repair and Other Air Conditioning Services

A summer in Garland can be brutally hot when it’s not simply extremely hot. But making it through these times of the year can be a breeze when you have the right air conditioning system serving your home. Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning has many decades of seeing that houses in the area are equipped with the ideal AC to maintain indoor comfort. We install new units, replace old ones, and offer the fast repairs that keep air conditioners humming away during the heat. Call today to schedule service.

Complete Heating Services: Boilers, Furnaces, and More

Although Garland doesn’t have frigid and icy winters, there are still days during January and February when the temperature hovers in the low 30s, and occasionally dips lower. At these times you can’t afford to have a home that isn’t equipped with a durable heating system. Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers heating services for many types of systems, such as boilers and gas and electric furnaces. This includes installing new units as well as offering routine maintenance. With our help, you and your family will always enjoy cozy winters.

Boost Your Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifiers and More

Homes in Garland often have to stay closed up for long stretches of the year to keep them either cooled down or warmed up. That means that fresh air doesn’t get much chance to circulate, leading to a build-up of the concentration of contaminants. But you can prevent a decline in your indoor air quality when you work with the specialists at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We install many types of IAQ devices, such as air purifiers, air filtration systems, UV air purifiers, and others. Contact us to find out more information.

Need a Licensed Electrician to Handle Your Household Electrical Needs?

You should never try to work on the electrical system in your house on your own. Only a licensed electrician can safely and effectively do this job. Our experienced electricians at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning have the skill and the equipment to take on any task, large or small, from your home. They can help with installing indoor and outdoor lighting, upgrading the electrical panel and the outlets, or repair wiring trouble. Start smart when you need electrical help in Garland and call us.

We Install and Service Ceiling Fans

One of the best ways to stay cool during a hot summer without running up a massive electrical bill is to have ceiling fans installed. The right ceiling fans will help people in your house feel cooler, and you won’t need to run the air conditioner as often. And fans can also contribute to better comfort during cooler weather. Let us take care of setting up your home with ceiling fans.

Commercial Services for HVAC, Plumbing, and Refrigeration

If you own a business that relies on HVAC equipment 25 tons and under, then you should make Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning your go-to company for all your professional needs. We not only handle light commercial heating and cooling, but we also have commercial plumbers and commercial refrigeration specialists on staff, all of them only a phone call away. We know your business success is important to you, and we’ll treat it with the respect it deserves. Contact us for your commercial services in Garland, TX.