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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in Plano, TX

Good indoor air quality is something that’s often hard to achieve in your home, especially when the weather outside is either too hot or too cold to open any of your windows or doors. Contaminants can begin to build up in your home without any way to escape. Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Plano, TX provides solutions for air quality problems with various air quality systems. These systems include air filtration, air purifiers, and humidifiers.

We also offer various services that help to improve your indoor air quality, such as duct repair and replacement, duct testing, and duct sealing. Whether you are looking for air quality system installation, replacement, system repair or maintenance, our office staff is available 24/7 to assist you. We will help you find the best way to purify your air so that your entire household can enjoy a healthy and comfortable environment all year long.

Why Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Plano, TX?

When you think of air pollution, you likely think about outdoor air quality. While bad outdoor air can contribute to your health and home comfort, your indoor air quality can be three to four times worse than what is outside, without the right air quality system. This is in part due to the heavy insulation and heat sealing during new building construction that’s designed to keep your HVAC system performing efficiently. While this is great for your air conditioner and heating system, it doesn’t allow indoor particles and contaminants to escape. There are a number of sources in your home that can lead to poor indoor air quality: cleaning products, pesticides, smoke, hobby products, and more.

What Are Your Air Quality System Options?

When choosing an air quality system for your home, you’ll want to consider your comfort, as well as your health and the health of your family. We offer a wide range of indoor air quality products:

  • Air filtration systems: One of the most effective ways to stop many large airborne irritants moving through your home—particles down to 0.3 microns in size—is with mechanical air filters. These filtration systems trap unwanted pollutants in the air passing through the ventilation system within a mesh of fibers.
  • Air purifiers: This air quality system uses an electrically powered process to draw pollutants down out of the air. If an air purifier is properly installed and services, it will be extremely effective against tiny particles (down to 0.1 microns).
  • Humidifiers: Dry air can be a big issue in Texas, causing health issues such as cracked skin, itchy eyes, dried sinuses, and more. Additionally, dry air causes static electricity and makes the cold air more uncomfortable, neither of which contributes to ideal indoor comfort.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services

In the business for 40 years, Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Plano, TX has extensive knowledge of how to best improve your indoor air quality. This includes providing comprehensive indoor air quality services:

  • Duct Repair and Replacement: You may not even realize how hard your ductwork works all year long. Occasionally this means they’ll wear down and require repair, or even replacement.
  • Duct Sealing: Leaking ductwork can account for 30% of air loss in your ventilation system. This means you’ll be wasting money and losing comfort. Our ductwork professionals can seal up any holes and gaps in your ductwork to ensure they stay sealed.
  • Duct Testing: How would you know if your ducts were damage or suffering from air leaks, since they aren’t in plain sight? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this. With the right tools, our professionals will find this out for you.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more about our many indoor air quality services in Plano, TX!

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