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Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection in Plano, TX

You don’t have many ways of knowing what’s inside of your sewer line and drainpipes. A major drain clog could come along at any point in time, even when you’re doing your best to prevent one. And a major sewer pipe repair need could damage your property and lead to unsafe conditions at your home. You may not have the tools necessary to detect just what the problem is, but your local plumbers in Plano, TX do!

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides video pipe inspection services for sewer lines in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas. We have thin drain snakes with cameras attached so that we can survey the inside of your pipes and find out what the problem is. We can provide this service whether or not you’ve noticed issues with your drains so that you can get the proper maintenance for your drain and sewer system and find out about issues before they spiral out of control. Call us for your next video pipe inspection. Get the job done right... right now!

Avoiding Clogs in the First Place

Video pipe inspection helps plumbers to identify drain clogs and sewer line leaks and determine the best course of action for repair. But you can avoid problems if you try and take the steps to avoid major drain clogs from occurring in your pipes in the first place. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, you could end up with clogs deep within your sewer pipe.

You might be careful to allow only wastewater to move down the drains, and flush nothing down the toilet that could lead to serious clogs. You use your garbage disposal properly, and you’re sure to dispose of meat bones, nutshells, and other tough items in the garbage disposal. You may even avoid using your garbage disposal for expanding foods like spaghetti and rice, and you might know to put bacon grease and other fats and oils in a separate trash receptacle as well.

However, despite your best efforts, a drain clog can hit when you least expect it. Residue slowly develops in the drainpipe and sewer line, but our video pipe inspections can identify such problems so that you can take the steps to remediate them.

Our Video Pipe Inspection Services

We use drain snake camera inspections in order to determine the exact location of a clog, so that we know which size of drain auger to use if necessary. We also use the live feed to see restrictions inside of your pipes and identify whether hydro jetting—using a thin hose to clean residue out of the drains—is a good option for your home.

We might also use our video camera inspections when your pipes are in need of repair, and you need to know what the problem is. In addition, we can follow up any sewer pipe repair or cleaning service with an additional inspection for quality assurance. Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning for video pipe inspection services in Plano, TX when you have a leak or clog in your sewer pipes. Get it done right...right now!