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Sewer Lines

Sewer Lines in Plano, TX

If you’re familiar with plumbing systems and their configurations, then you know that your drain and sewer system is rather complex. Each of the appliances and fixtures in your home that use water must have drains that send water to the drainage system. There are traps underneath each fixture to make sure that the sewage smell doesn’t make its way back up to your home. Each drain leads to a drain line which then leads to the main sewer line that goes underneath your home and toward the city’s sewer system (or a septic tank, if you have one).

The main sewer line runs underneath your property, which means it would be quite difficult to access on your own. And some of the problems with a sewer line could result in property damage or even a health hazard. That’s why we always recommend that you call a professional technician as soon as you suspect any problems with it. And Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a name you can trust. We offer sewer line replacement, installation, repair, and maintenance (including sewer line cleaning) in Plano, TX. Get it done right... right now!

Do You Need Sewer Line Replacement or Repair?

We all like to think that the major components of our household will last for a long time, so that we can put off paying replacement costs as long as possible. However, even the strongest of plumbing pipes require replacement eventually. It’s tough to know whether you need brand new sewer pipes or just a sewer pipe repair to keep them going, and that’s why you call in professionals.

When you notice the following problems, your sewer pipes might be in need of repair.

  • Drain stoppages throughout the home.
  • Slow–moving drains.
  • Sewage odors outside of the home.
  • Unexplained moisture in the yard.
  • Grass that grows very quickly.

However, if a plumber tells you that the pipes have begun to corrode, sewer repair may not be possible. After several decades, replacing all of the pipes is a better option, since the pipes only continue to corrode once they have started to rust through. Call a technician to find out if sewer replacement or repair is your best bet.

We Offer Sewer Line Services in Plano, TX

Remember, if the sewer line is on your property, it’s up to you to keep it in good condition. Schedule sewer line repair at the first sign of problems, and call quality professionals when you need a sewer line installation or replacement. In addition, you can get maintenance services so that your pipes are in excellent condition for longer.

If you want your sewer lines to be properly maintained, we offer a couple of services that can help. Our video pipe inspections allow us to catch problems in the sewer line early on, so that you can schedule services ASAP. And our sewer cleaning service uses hydro jetting to clear out the pipes and prevent clogging. Count on a company that’s been in the industry. Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning for any sewer line job, big or small, in Plano, TX. Get it done right... right now!