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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Services in Plano, TX

Of course, any commercial property needs lighting. But have you ever thought about just how many lights come together to illuminate yours? You might have individual offices that need lighting or your commercial space might be more industrial, mainly consisting of several lights throughout a large area. Your lighting could be manual or automatic, set to turn off with a timer or a sensor. And you have outside lighting, bathroom lighting, and much more.

Call us today and find out how we can help to light up your commercial property in Plano, TX or a surrounding area. Maybe you need to add lighting into a new addition to your property. Perhaps you’ve found that the lighting in an office is not conducive for work, or maybe one area of lighting has been out for quite some time. Let Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning work with you. Get it done right...right now!

Your Commercial Lighting Options

It would be difficult to list every single option available for your commercial property when it comes to the lighting, so we’ll stick with the basics. Of course, the overhead lighting is necessary for nearly any property. Ambient lighting illuminates a room enough that you can see what you’re doing and so that you can be productive. On a commercial property, you might have recessed lighting or track lighting. And one of the most common types of ambient lighting at commercial properties is the fluorescent or LED wraparound light.

You may also need outdoor lighting for a pathway or parking lot, task lighting for commercial kitchens and many other types of businesses, or accent lighting to display merchandise or artwork. We install all of these and more!

Our Commercial Lighting Service

Have you noticed that one of the lights is out on your commercial property? Is there a section of lighting that flickers or turns off suddenly? Do you want to add on sensors or accent lighting? No matter what you need to light up your commercial property, we can help. Our electricians are able to do the electrical work necessary to add lighting onto your property or repair faulty wiring. We can install brand new fixtures or help you replace outdated or unwanted fixtures.

Call Our Commercial Lighting Specialists Today

When you’re in need of commercial lighting services, call electricians who are focused on safety and on doing what’s best for your company. Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning and get a lighting design that helps to improve productivity and makes things easier for anyone who uses the property. Our electricians can install new lights, repair or replace broken fixtures, and do the electrical work necessary to expand or remodel.

We want to help our local businesses feel comfortable and safe. Make us your one–stop shop for any of your electrical needs, including your commercial lighting. We have the expertise necessary to install and service electrical systems safely and properly, and we can help you to keep your business running efficiently as well. Trust our friendly team for your commercial lighting needs in Plano, TX. Get it done right...right now!