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Surge Protection

Surge Protection Services in Plano, TX

The amount of electrical power that homes use today has increased significantly, even over the previous ten years. Households not only make greater use of electricity, but our electrical devices are more complex and sensitive than before. This makes them more prone to damage from a sudden spike in voltage through the electrical system—i.e. an electrical surge.

Protecting your home form surges that can lead to damaged equipment and electrical fires requires special effort. Standard power strips for your computers alone are not sufficient! What you need is the installation of a whole-house surge protection system in your electrical panel. You must have a licensed electrician for this job, and you can arrange for the service with Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We have Master Electricians ready to help you with installation, repairs, and replacement of whole-house surge protection. Contact us today for service in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Sources of Voltage Surges

When you think of a massive power surge in your home, your first thought is probably a bolt of lightning striking the ground during a storm. But this is only one of the sources for a voltage spike in a home. Accidents at power plants or the downing of power lines can also cause huge jumps in the voltage in your home.

However, the commonest source for electrical surges comes from within a house. When an appliance that draws on a large amount of electricity—such as a refrigerator or central air conditioner—turns on and makes a significant demand on the electrical system, it may cause a small voltage spike throughout the house. If you notice lights flickering when another appliance comes on, that’s a sign of a power surge. These smaller surges can create cumulative damage to some of your most important electrical devices.

Why You Need Whole–House Surge Protection

Power strips that you can purchase at stores and use to plug in your computers, monitors, and other sensitive electronic appliances are definitely useful to have. But you need an even greater level of protection, which is what a whole–house surge protector provides. The protector is integrated into the home’s electrical panel, where it channels excess electrical energy down into the ground. Whole–house surge protection will help deal with both smaller surges as well as the larger ones that can often overcome regular power strips.

Installing or replacing whole–house surge protection is not a DIY job. It must be left to licensed electricians familiar with the work and the local electrical code. Never take a chance on something this important to your home and family.

Trust to Professionals for Surge Protection in Plano, TX

You’ve probably already experienced a power surge in your house at one point that incapacitated part of the electrical system, or even damaged one of your appliances. When you consider how many valuable electronic devices you use in your home on a daily basis, you’ll understand why it is vital that you have the best surge–protection possible, something beyond the basic defense of power strips.

Let Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning see that you have the whole–house surge protection that will give you peace of mind in Plano and Grayson and Collin counties: no matter if it’s a lightning bolt or a greedy air conditioner, your electrical system will be protected.