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You Don’t Want to Hear This Noise Coming From Your Furnace

Imagine this—you’re sleeping soundly one night after a delicious Thanksgiving meal, or after celebrating the holidays with the extended family, and you’re suddenly woken up by a strange noise. You’re awake enough to tell that this noise is coming from your furnace, but the intensity and nuisance of this noise signals to you that there’s something seriously wrong.

If you’re reading this, then the good news is you’ve made it far enough to do something about it. Noises that come from your furnace almost always signal that you need furnace repair in Plano, TX, but a few noises are worse than others.

Today, we’re going to focus on one noise, in particular, that seems to be a common occurrence in older gas furnaces—the booming noise. If your furnace sounds like it’s exploding on a semiregular basis with booming noises, then we’re going to tell you why this can be a nightmare if left alone.

What Does a Booming Noise Mean?

A booming furnace is nothing to scoff at, but we’re not just going to try and convince you that it’s a problem. Once homeowners know what’s going on in their furnace system, it’s going to be easy to explain why repairs are a necessary next step. Let’s talk about what’s going on when your furnace booms.

When burners get dirty and full of grime or soot, the ignition can be blocked off from where the gas is injected. This means that the gas will start to pool up before the ignition is able to start a flame. Eventually, gas will pool up to the point of all being ignited at once, which can be a miniaturized explosion and make some noise. This is where the booming comes from.

Why Booms Are Bad

Let’s get into the important stuff. Now that you know why the booming occurs, we need to talk about why it’s bad for your furnace. This miniature explosion might seem benign once you know what’s going on, but it can quickly turn into a serious problem.

That booming will rattle other components of the system and cause friction. If you were trying to contain a small explosion in your hands every few hours, it would start to hurt! Certain sensitive components like the heat exchanger in your furnace can’t deal with that kind of pressure or friction. If it does, it will crack and start leaking gas, carbon monoxide, smoke, or fumes into your home where you could encounter a health and safety concern.

Basically, a booming furnace means that something else inside your system could break soon—and that’s not good.

Get Your Furnace Fixed Today

Luckily, we deal with these kinds of issues regularly. Booming furnaces just need to be cleaned, and if your furnace is dealing with a large amount of soot or grime on the burners, then our trained professionals can give it the service it needs. The important thing is that you know what’s going on with your system and you have the right team of professionals on hand to address the issue.

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