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We Use Hydro Jetting to Unclog Drains

Plumbing systems grow and change as new tools and techniques are invented. So too do the plumber’s tools need to change as well. Modern techniques can make previously difficult tasks much easier, saving you time and money when you need to make repairs. Take hydro jetting for instance. It’s a means of clearing up clogs, and has proven far superior to other methods of dealing with this very common plumbing problem.

Water Pressure

The principles behind hydro jetting are very similar. A high-pressure hose is fitted to the affected drain, and pulses of water are fired through it. That blasts the clog apart and scours the remainder of the pipe for any detritus that may be lingering in wait to form other clogs down the line. It needs to be handled by trained professionals — high-pressure water can be dangerous without careful use — but the benefits are amazing.

The biggest advantage is the thoroughness of the job. Chemical cleansers and snakes — the most common forms of addressing clogs — rarely get all of the material, and they usually limit their effectiveness to one single clog in the pipe. That means that more clogs can form comparatively quickly. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, gets every bit of the material, as well as potential clogs forming elsewhere in the pipe. That provides tremendous value for the money, and ensures that you won’t have to deal with another clog a short time down the line.

Best of all, hydro jetting doesn’t use any harsh chemicals that could damage the pipes or the environment. All it uses is water, which your pipes handle day in and day out, and which can be washed harmlessly into the Frisco, TX civic sewer once its job is done.

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