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Maintenance for Your Heater Is a Good Call!

Labor Day marks the beginning of the end of summer, and while heating season won’t officially begin for a few more weeks, now is an excellent time to start preparing for the colder part of the year. Your heater has likely sat unused for months, building up dust and exacerbating existing problems that could turn around and bite you when you finally fire the system up. Instead of waiting until you need the system to find out if there are any problems, better to check now, while you have plenty of time to make any repairs you might need and otherwise get everything set to go. The best way to do that is to schedule a maintenance session from a trained technician sometime in the coming weeks. 

What Is a Maintenance Session?

A maintenance session is best described as a tune-up, designed to give your heater a comprehensive look (as opposed to a repair call which deals with one specific problem). That serves two purposes:

  • Improved Efficiency. By dealing with blogged burners, dirt on the components, loose connections and the like, a maintenance session helps improve the heater’s efficiency, which not only reduces the monthly cost of heating your home, but can also lower the chances of another breakdown elsewhere in the system.
  • Spots Problems Early. For more serious problems, a maintenance session is an ideal way to stop them early: detecting the signs of a potential breakdown and letting you schedule a repair session when it can still be dealt with at your leisure instead of as an emergency.

Why Schedule it Now?

You’ll likely not have regular need of your heating system in the next few weeks, and the extra time allows you to set up a maintenance session at a time that is convenient to you, as well as giving you the chance to schedule more serious repairs before heating season begins, should they prove necessary.

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