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Late Summer Advice for Handling Your Air Conditioner

Summers are long and hot here in Sherman, TX, and even with August drawing to a close, we still have some hot weather ahead of us. Hopefully, you air conditioner has been doing the job reliably, keeping your house cool and comfortable in the heat of the summer. Now is the right time to give your air conditioner a quick check to see if things are as they should be. 

Things to Check For

While you should never attempt to fix or diagnose an air conditioner yourself, you can take some basic steps to see if your system could use some attention. Change the filter if you haven’t done so yet this summer, and look for little steps to lower the strain on the system, such as turning it off at night, or laying down weather stripping to cover cracks around your doors and windows. In general, look and listen for anything out of the ordinary with your system: low air flow, warmer air, odd noises or the like. Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance session from a trained technician to look at the AC properly.

Why Now?

Summers are hard on your air conditioner, and with a few weeks of hot weather left to go, now is the worst time to suffer a breakdown. Yet months of daily use before now have made breakdowns more likely, and the better prepared you are for such eventualities, the easier any repairs will be.

This time of year is also important because if you need to make any wholesale changes — major repairs, upgrades, or even replacing your air conditioner — you’ll be able to make your plans carefully and schedule the technician’s visit to match your timetable, instead of scrambling in the face of an emergency.

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