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What to Watch for in Your Boiler This Fall

Many homes in the Garland, TX area use boilers and similar systems to keep their homes warm during the winter. With autumn officially here this week, now is a good time to fire up your boiler and watch for any potential problems or issues that may crop up. Doing so now gives you the chance to handle any repairs or similar issues before the weather gets too cold, ensuring that your boiler is ready to go when you need it to be and will respond reliably each and every day.  

Those with older boilers where the warranty has expired should be particularly mindful, but new boilers can benefit from the extra attention as well. Running it for 20-30 minutes once a week can help you spot the signs of trouble, though you should be mindful of any issues that crop up throughout the heating  season. Strictly speaking, any unusual activity from your boiler is cause for concern, though specific signs can include the following:

  • Strange noises coming from your boiler, such as groans, hums, whistles or clangs. They can stem from anything from a clog to a leak to trouble with the pump or similar component.
  • A lack of heating power or a system that turns off before it has a chance to warm your home sufficiently. Low water pressure can often contribute to that, though malfunctions elsewhere in the system can be a problem as well.
  • Signs of leaks, including moisture or damp spots along the nearby floors or walls. Leaks can also be spotted by checking the pressure gauges.
  • Strange smells, such as burning oil or an odd metallic smell in the affected area.

Do not attempt to correct these problems yourself if you spot them. Instead, turn the whole boiler of and call in the professionals at Hutchins Plumbing and Air Conditioning today!

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