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Toilet Clogs: How You Can Help

If there was a list of “most inconvenient plumbing problems to deal with,” a clogged toilet would be at the top of that list. Toilets are appliances that we use so often and rarely think about the intricate mechanisms that function within it. Not only that but having a toilet clog can be embarrassing and inconvenient at the best of times.

So, what if we told you that aside from calling for expert plumbing services in Denison, TX there were some home solutions that could help you temporarily? Toilet issues can range from the simplest of solutions to signaling major problems with your water line or sewage system. In this post, we’d like to discuss some things that the average homeowner can do to mitigate the damage from a clogged toilet. Hopefully, with these few steps, your plumber will arrive with minimal damage done.

Keeping Your Toilet from Overflowing

This is priority number one for any homeowner dealing with toilet clogging issues. Clogged toilets that can overflow will cause serious damage to your bathroom floor, walls, and sometimes leak into other rooms. Therefore, you’re going to need to stop the overflow of water if you can.

  • Stop flushing. If you are continuously trying to flush a clogged drain, you’re only making the problem worse. Flushing a broken toilet with a serious clogging problem will only keep pouring water into your toilet.
  • Inspect beneath the lid. There could be an issue with your flapper (the rubber drain stopper at the bottom of your tank). Making sure the flapper is closed will keep more water from entering your bowl since this is the plug that keeps the water in your tank.
  • Cover your bathroom floor with towels. In case your toilet starts overflowing again, this time it’s a better idea to be prepared. In order to mitigate the cleaning you’ll have to do and the damage that can be caused, use some towels, or even newspaper, to act as a temporary cover on your floor to soak up any liquid that spills.
  • Use the right plunger. Use either a large, ball-shaped plunger or the kind with a flang on the bottom. These plungers will do an effective job of at least trying to unclog your toilet. Suction cup plungers don’t work nearly as well as many people think they do on toilets–they’re meant for sinks.

Next Steps

Either using a plunger, a drain snake, or just planning to call the plumber, something will eventually remove the blockage and unclog your toilet. The steps we listed previously are important to not only mitigate damage, but to set up your system for an experienced plumber to take care of it in case the issue is more sinister than just a clog.

We highly advise that all water lines or sewer problems (anything that’s clogging your toilet that can’t be fixed from within your toilet) be taken care of by a professional plumber as soon as possible. For all your toilet needs, contact our team of experienced and friendly plumbers today.

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