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More Power, More Problems

While the saying is usually more money, more problems, we’d like to change it to more power, more problems when it comes to our industry. There’s a rumor floating around that the need for proper electrical work is dwindling because of our advancing wireless technology. We hate to break it to you, but that could not be further from the truth.

With huge leaps in technology within the past ten or twenty years, as well as huge leaps in efficiency, comes a more constant and necessary stream of power. All of a sudden, a blown fuse or a power outage can cause way more problems in your life than it could twenty or thirty years ago. If anything, the electricians in Sherman, TX are more important than ever for the functionality of your home and the use of your devices.

Standby Devices

In the past ten years, we’ve had a dramatic increase in standby devices that still consume electricity while we sleep or are away from home. Back in the day, the only “standby” devices that existed were refrigerators, freezers, and heaters. Now, we’ve got phones charging, sleeping computers and televisions, as well as wireless routers, clocks, and a plethora of other devices. These systems stay on for long periods of time, consuming electricity when we don’t expect them to.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that when electrical problems do come up, they can be more catastrophic and anxiety-inducing than they used to be. Imagine having to live for a week or two without a phone, computer, TV, internet, toaster, coffee machine, or anything else that functions via electricity. What used to be fairly easy for someone thirty years ago is much more shocking to our lifestyle now.

Electricians, like the ones on our team, are there to make sure that your electrical circuits run efficiently for as long as possible. Also, without the direct help of an electrician in the installation, repairs, or maintenance of your home wiring system, your home could be running incredibly inefficiently.

Possible Solutions

As the trend continues and we increase the number of electrical devices we use every day, there are a couple of solutions that can keep your energy bill low and extend the life of your home wiring. By shutting off your devices at night or before you leave on vacation, you can stop them from being in standby mode and essentially save anywhere from 4-12% on your energy bill each year.

There’s another small solution as well. For any standby devices that use lights (digital clocks and screens), turning down the brightness as far as possible decreases the amount of energy required for them to function. It might not seem like much, but all of this energy over a year can equate to a good chunk of money that goes back into your pocket!

Also, communicate with your local electrician! If you haven’t met with an electrician in years and don’t know where to start, we can help! An experienced electrician can list out your options on how to save yourself money and increase your home efficiency.

If you’re looking to increase your electrical efficiency, call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done right… Right now!

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