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Notice a Slab Leak Before It’s Too Late

water-leaking-from-holeSlab leaks are one of the most insidious problems you can come across. To the uninitiated, a slab leak is when water starts to leak underneath the concrete foundation of your home. This can be especially devastating because these kinds of leaks are the hardest to repair (without paying a lot of money to dig under the foundation of your home) and they can cause the most amount of damage.

Slab leaks can essentially destroy a house from the ground up if they aren’t dealt with quickly. That’s why we’re going to talk about a few ways that you can notice the early stages of a slab leak before they become extremely expensive to deal with. A slab leak in Plano, TX should be found as soon as possible, and with our team, you’ll be able to address it for an affordable price.

Look for the Signs

While slab leaks can be incredibly hard to detect, sometimes they give off clues that homeowners should always take as a bad sign. If any of the following points sound familiar, call a professional today.

  • Hot Spots. If there’s a hot spot on your floor (on the bottom level like your basement) it could be from a hot water line that’s leaking underneath the slab of your home.
  • Leaks from the Ground. While wall and ceiling leaks are bad news too, slab leaks usually can be noticed coming from the ground. Since the leak is below the slab of your home, it’ll show up with water on your floor as if you’d just taken a shower.
  • Low Water Pressure. If you’ve noticed a consistent amount of lowered water pressure in your shower, sinks, or tubs, it could be from a leak that’s coming from below the slab of your home. Slab leaks might be hard to notice but the water that’s leaking is being taken from your water line, so your water pressure might be reduced at least a little bit.
  • Foundation Movement. Just like the breaking apart of a gingerbread house, the more your slab begins to erode from the leak, the more your house will start to suffer the ill effects. If you notice cracks in your walls and floors, or any signs that the foundation of your home is moving, that could be a huge red flag that you’re dealing with a slab leak.
  • Mold and Odors. Mold and mildew can grow from water damage that’s been perpetuated by a slab leak. This can usually be detected by a foul smell. If you don’t know what mold smells like then you’re lucky, but for the rest of us—take this as a major sign that there’s a bad slab leak under your home.

Don’t panic! Slab leaks are best caught early. With the right group of professional plumbers, a slab leak can be repaired and the effects mitigated for an affordable price. If any of the points we’ve mentioned sound familiar, don’t automatically assume that your home is destroyed. Plumbers can do wonders, so make sure you call your local team of professional plumbers to see how they can help your home recover from a slab leak.

If you notice signs of a slab leak, call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done right… Right now!

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