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Colored Water Coming from Your Faucet? Here’s What to Do

How would you feel if all the water you drank turned brown today? We’re going to go out on a limb and say that you wouldn’t feel too happy about that. We’re also confident that many of the homeowners we service in our area have to deal with brown or rust-colored water and you might’ve gone through a few online searches trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

The fact is, rust-colored water can be a signal that there’s something sinister going on in your pipe system.

If you’re really worried that you might be ingesting something that could be harmful to you and your plumbing, call our team today for drain cleaning in Plano, TX. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll tell you what might be happening to your water and what it could mean for you and your home.

Healthy or Dangerous

Is brown colored water that’s coming from your pipes dangerous for your health? The answer is probably not. The EPA regularly tests drinking water to primary and secondary standards. If you’re using city water, and it violates the primary standards by containing chemicals like lead or arsenic, chances are it won’t be offered to the public. That being said, if you’re using well water or you don’t necessarily trust your municipality to take good care of their water, there could be a potential health risk in discolored water.

Causes for Brown Water

There are a few reasons why your water could be turning brown. These problems change depending on the temperature of your water, the layout of your home, and the source of your water, so pay close attention!

  • Break in local water main or fire hydrant. In cities all around the country, water infrastructure is very outdated and is constantly breaking down. Sometimes water mains will break, which will lead to the release of sediment into the water supply. Again, these sediments are usually safe to ingest and aren’t in large enough quantities to warrant panic.
  • Hot water tank issue. If you’re seeing brown colored water when you’re using hot water only, you could be experiencing a problem with your water heater. Water can build up sediment in a water tank, as well as rust it. The good news is that the problem is quite localized and only requires a water heater replacement.
  • Water supply pipe issue. If your cold water is brown, then you can narrow the problem down to something that’s not your water heater. Cold water comes directly from a water supply pipe, which could be rusting or having problems with sediment as well.

As we mentioned, the temperature, source, and location of a colored water problem can all contribute to what exactly is going on. We advise you not to panic, as sediment doesn’t always mean a health hazard. It’s never a bad idea to speak to a professional plumber to test the water quality in your home and ensure that you’re drinking from a safe supply.

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