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What Is a Smart Home and How Can It Help You?

For anyone that’s not a millennial, the words “home automation” can be a bit of a boogeyman. While we’re constantly reminded of cheesy science-fiction movies from the ’80s filled with computers gone rogue, reality doesn’t seem to agree with that characterization. Home automation systems are simpler and more convenient than many homeowners realize. Let us explain.

Home automation in Plano, TX involves combining your heater, air conditioning, air quality systems, and anything else that runs integral to your home comfort into one device. That means your home’s temperature, air quality, and even your blinds can be easy to adjust on your phone or a tablet. Why journey around frustratingly to your thermostat, your windows, or any other appliance in your home when you can control it from the palm of your hand, or even when you’re not home?

Interested? Well, keep reading!

Benefits of Smart Systems

Having an interconnected set of appliances on a home automation system can be more beneficial than you think. It’s not just for the sake of convenience, or for that nice and shiny, science-fiction look. Home automation can also provide insight into the amount of energy you’re using, the energy consumption of your devices, and ways that you can increase the efficiency of your home.

Detailed Reports

Automated home systems can run detailed reports about the energy consumption of your home and measure the performance of your heating, cooling, and air quality systems. This means you get to see exactly how well your systems are working and how much you’re paying for them.

For instance, if you notice that your air conditioner is consuming a lot of energy but outputting sub-par levels of cooling, you can give a technician a call right away and provide them with the details they need. You’re never in the dark with home automation.

Precision Control

If you think that controlling your heating and cooling systems, appliances, and anything else from your phone couldn’t save you money—you’d be wrong! Many homeowners keep their thermostats set at a particular temperature all throughout the day so that they arrive home in a cooled or heated environment. They waste energy keeping devices on standby mode so that they can access them eventually.

A home automation system gives you precise control over when your devices, heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems activate. That means you can save an enormous amount of money by turning on all your devices an hour before you get home from work, instead of keeping them on all day.


You didn’t think we’d forgotten about convenience, did you? Sure it might not be as important as saving money, but it’s a really nice bonus! Having access to all your appliances, heating, cooling, and air quality systems on your phone or tablet is just easy. Having a centralized place to control our home comfort systems and appliances means more space in our minds freed up for the things that really matter.

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