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3 Ways You Might Be Neglecting Your Plumbing

We understand that your home’s plumbing system might not be the most exciting topic of conversation. Especially if you’ve got many hobbies, family members, and events that can hold your attention, it becomes easy for our plumbing appliances to sink further and further into the background.

For those homeowners who really don’t have the time or interest in thinking about their plumbing, we recommend you sign up for routine maintenance and drain cleaning from professional plumbers on our team. We’re plumbers in Plano, TX who specialize in regular care so homeowners can focus on the important aspects of life.

However, if you’re interested in learning about a few ways you might be neglecting your plumbing system, then we urge you to keep reading. We want homeowners to be more informed about their plumbing appliances. No blog post can replace professional care, but this is a good start!

Your Plumbing Needs Your Attention

While homeowners might not like talking about their plumbing systems, it’s important to remain vigilant so you can keep your home in good shape and—most importantly—save money. Vigilance requires attention, so all we’re asking is that you pay enough attention to your plumbing system to notice leaks, keep things clear, and to avoid using chemicals that will ruin your pipes. Don’t forget, our team can provide you with maintenance and much-needed repairs, so feel free to call us whenever you want!

Keep Solids Out of Your Plumbing System

The first and arguably the most important piece of advice we’d like to give is about food waste. Some homeowners neglect their plumbing by just flushing whatever can fit down the drain. It might seem like that chopped-up fruit goes down your drain and is taken care of, it’s usually not. It’s easy for food waste to get stuck in your drain when it’s out of sight, and then it’s only a matter of time before it starts clogging things up and making your life worse.

Utilize a mesh screen or a garbage disposal to have food waste removed before it becomes a problem.

Don’t Use Chemicals

We know that buying a bottle of chemical drain cleaner can feel good, especially since the grocery store has a whole aisle devoted to them, but we’d like to tell you why this is a bad idea. Chemicals like these are either caustic or acidic, meaning they’ll often eat away at your pipelining while barely even making a dent in the clog itself. They do more harm than good, which is why we’d much rather have homeowners call us for clog removal. We can use a hydro jet or another natural method of drain cleaning so your pipes remain good as new.

Detect Leaks

Last but not least, you’ve got to remain vigilant for leaks in your home. Whether you notice a puddle on the ground in your basement underneath a pipe, or you can hear the sound of running water through your walls, you’ll need professional help. Our team can patch your leaks and make sure your plumbing system is functioning as intended.

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