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What Are the Benefits of Humidifiers?

We’re used to high humidity levels during our long summers in Sherman, TX, which means that few of us stop to consider what might happen if the weather every gets too dry. But it does get dry in the winter, in ways we don’t often expect. As the temperature falls, the gaseous moisture in the air solidifies into droplets, which are removed from the atmosphere.

And it’s never colder than it is during the winter. Dry air can be a scourge on your home if you’re not careful. But the good news is that you can correct the problem with a little help from your local HVAC service technician. Whole-house humidifiers are inexpensive and can be installed quickly in your HVAC system.

Why Are They Needed?

When humidity levels get low enough, your skin starts to dry out, along with your sinuses and components in your home. That’s what leads to chapped lips, static electricity and an increased vulnerability to colds. Even worse, dry air feels colder than it actually is, which means your heating system will have to work harder to get your home feeling as warm and comfortable as it should be. That results not only in higher bills, but increased strain and an elevated chance of a breakdown.

How do Humidifiers Help?

A whole-house humidifier is  very simple device: a wick or a pad attached to a reservoir of water, with a fan blowing across the surface. It operates in sync with your heating system (and your air conditioner in the summer), helping to keep humidity levels at a high level even as the system heats and cools your home. That actually helps the heater operate more efficiently, as well as lowering incidents of chapped lips and static electricity.

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