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Signs of Leaky or Breached Ducts

Your duct system plays a key role in transporting heated air from your furnace to the rooms in your Frisco, TX home, and usually performs the same duties for your air conditioner in the summer. The ducts are usually tucked safely behind the walls of in your attic, which keeps them safe from harm. That can prove a double-edged sword, however. For when breaches do occur — through inadvertent damage, animals getting into your crawlspace, or just bolts or seals that have worn out — it can be very hard to spot them. That’s problematic because they will raise the costs of heating your home, as well as increasing strain on the rest of your system and even leading to further breakdowns if you’re not careful. So how can you spot them? Here’s a quick list of common signs:

  • Hot spots, or cold spots in the summer when the air conditioning runs. The leak will sometimes divert air to a nearby wall or floor, leaking to a spot you can feel if you press your fingers against it.
  • Strange noises, which translate as anything you don’t normally associate with the proper functioning of your air conditioner. In most cases, the noises will be located in an unusual place in the home — the spot where the leak or breach has occurred — and will start and stop when you start and stop your heater.
  • Low air flow. Because the breach will divert air from its intended destination, the air flow from the affected vents will be reduced, and may not even flow at all.
  • Cooler air, or warmer air in the summertime. In some cases, the breach or leak will pull unconditioned air in from outside the system.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your home, turn off the heater immediately, and call in the professionals at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today!

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