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What are the Benefits of Zone Control?

A few weeks ago, we discussed the installation of zone control systems: a series of shutters that divide your home’s heating system into sections. That’s a huge benefit for those looking for an edge over the winter cold here in Richardson, TX. It can be installed without uprooting your existing set of ductwork, which saves a great deal on cost. And the benefits you reap are immeasurable. What are those benefits? Read on for the answers.

1. More Finely Tuned Control

The most obvious benefit to the system is the ability to fine-tune the temperature in each room or section. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, you might want the heat turned down to accommodate the heat from the stove. But your spouse might be watching television in the living room and not want to freeze while you cook. Zone controls solve the problem quite nicely.

2. Lower Bills

The same principle can be put to a much more practical effect by simply turning the heat off in parts of the home that no one is using (bedrooms during the day, for example, or anywhere but the occupied bedrooms at night.) That cuts down on heating costs tremendously, and with this winter expected to be one of the coldest in recent memory, that’s no small feat.

3. Extend the Life of the Heating System

Furthermore, because you only need heat parts of the home at any given time, you can reduce the stress on your furnace a great deal. That means fewer repairs and a lower chance of a breakdown. Over time, it might even extend the life of the heater. (This is an advantage even over ductless systems, which tend to rely on one or two units of the home most of the time, and thus makes those units more vulnerable to breakdowns.)

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