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Benefits of Ductless Heating

If you’ve decided to install a new heating system in your home, congratulations! Replacing an older system now means you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your new heater throughout the winter. And if the traditional centralized model doesn’t work for you, you might want to consider installing a ductless heating system in your home instead.

Ductless systems work by installing a number of small units at multiple spots throughout your home. Each unit can be turned on and off separately (either with its own control system or through a master control panel, depending on the system), allowing you to adjust the temperature in each section individually, separate from the rest of the home. Ductless systems cost more to install than centralized systems since there’s more work involved. So why go through that trouble? What kind of benefits does ductless heating provide the home in return for the extra cost? It boils down to two very important advantages:

  1. Flexibility. Say you’re cooking a meal in the kitchen and want the heat turned down. But your spouse is in the living room and doesn’t want to freeze while you work. A ductless heating system lets you both set comfortable temperatures, allowing to individual tailoring and preventing the kind of squabbles over the thermostat that can occur with centralized systems.
  2. Savings. More importantly than flexibility, a ductless system lets you turn off the heat in unused rooms while still running it in the rest of the house. That cuts down on monthly bills considerably, and when applied over time, can extend the overall life of your system by a great deal. This works best in larger homes which may cost a lot to heat otherwise, but smaller homes can benefit as well.

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