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Invest in a Ceiling Fan This Spring

Ceiling fans are a great way to improve your home comfort without much energy consumption. While your air conditioner is going to deal with the brunt of the heat when summer rolls around, a ceiling fan can be a huge ally in keeping temperatures low. You can also look at a ceiling fan as a way of alleviating some of the burden that your air conditioning system has to take on, since it will cool things down below the number set on the thermostat.

Ceiling fans are a great tactical addition to your home, but they require the professional support of an electrician in Plano, TX. A licensed, certified electrician can properly install your ceiling fan so that it works well into the future and doesn’t run into any common problems. Also, this appliance is overhead, so you’d probably like it to stay put and not become a safety concern!

How a Ceiling Fan Works

Ceiling fans move air through your home by creating a breeze. This small amount of wind feels very good when temperatures are hot, and that’s because it’s actually helping evaporate sweat off of your body.

Have you ever spilled some water on your hand and blown on it? This effect can create an immediate chilling effect. When dry air is pushed over a moist substance, it can immediately start evaporating and drying. This will also cool it.

So, when you’re sitting in a room enjoying cooler temperatures due to an air conditioner and a ceiling fan, you’ll know exactly why!

Ceiling Fans Are Energy Efficient

Many homeowners think to themselves, “why would I invest in a ceiling fan, I already pay enough for my air conditioner!” While we understand this mentality, it’s kind of missing the point. Let us explain.

Sure, there’s an initial cost for a ceiling fan, but it’s affordable relative to other HVAC systems. And, due to the extreme efficiency of a ceiling fan, they run without using up too much electricity. On days when it’s barely hot enough, you could even turn your AC off and just use your ceiling fan to keep things cool! This will save you a huge amount on your energy bill.

The energy required to push air and create a breeze is a lot less than what’s needed to compress refrigerant in an air conditioner.

They Help in the Summer and Winter

Ceiling fans do something extraordinary. They create a breeze in your home that can be felt when temperatures are hot, this is the thing we’re most acquainted with when we think of a ceiling fan. However, when a ceiling fan runs in reverse, it creates a convection current which is an amazing tool for your heating system to use.

Convection currents push heat down towards the floor in a room with a tall ceiling, keeping heat spread out to areas where you can feel it. This is great because heat normally rises and can get stuck in the ceiling while the rest of your rooms are cold or drafty. Invest in a ceiling fan to take advantage of this effect!

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