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The Most Common AC Issues After Winter

ac-maintenance-techniciansWinter is over, and those hot temperatures are gradually starting to roll back in… soon it’ll be time to break out the air conditioner!

But hold on just a second. You wouldn’t go run the 100-yard dash right after sitting on the couch for 5 consecutive hours. In a way, that’s what you’re asking for your air conditioner to do when you turn it on after the long winter break.

When homeowners turn on their air conditioners for the first time after winter, here are some of the problems they tend to develop:

Dust-Related Efficiency Issues

Dust naturally builds up inside any home, and over time, it can get on the evaporator and condenser coils. These are two important components that help facilitate the transfer of heat through your system. However, if they’re covered in dust, they’re not going to operate as well as they should.

The evaporator coil—the indoor coil—is designed to absorb heat. If the dust prevents that, it can become cold enough that it actually freezes over. That will cause operational issues and efficiency issues.

The condenser coil—the one in the outdoor unit—is designed to release heat. Too much dust will form an insulator and retain too much of that heat, causing the system to possibly overheat and trip the circuit breaker.

Either way, you’ll want an expert to come in and clean off these sensitive components before starting up the AC for the summer.

Dirty Air Filter Problems

The air filter gets packed with dust and dirt about every three months. If you don’t change it out regularly, that can cause several different problems. The worst part is that these problems might appear to be way worse than they really are. Fortunately, you just have to change the air filter to fix it—but that won’t undo any of the damage it does until then. Some of those problems include:

  • Short cycling
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Uneven cooling
  • Lack of airflow

AC Should Have Been Replaced

Have you ever heard someone say that they’ve had their air conditioner for twenty years and have never had any problems with it? Well, we’re not saying they’re lying—but it’s very possible that they’re just not paying much attention to how much it’s costing them. Just because your AC is still running doesn’t mean it should be.

Namely, we’re talking about an AC that is so old that it’s actually costing more money to run it. If it’s not requiring more and more repairs just to remain functional, then it might have a very low SEER number or simply cannot cool the home as efficiently as it used to. At this point, replacement is your wisest option.

The Solution? Maintenance!

The solution to preventing all of these problems is with a quick tune-up just before it starts warming up. An expert of air conditioning services in Frisco, Texas will be able to tighten up all the loose nuts and bolts—literally and figuratively—to ensure that your system stays running through the season. They’ll also be able to spot any big issues before they become a problem.

If you need AC maintenance, contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done right… Right now!

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