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Got a Loud Air Conditioner? Here’s Why

loud-noisesDoes it feel like your air conditioner is particularly loud?

Many homeowners might assume it’s just their imagination, or that the problem will go away. In truth, a loud air conditioner is actually a valid concern. It could mean the AC was not properly installed. Or if the loud noises started happening only recently, it could be due to a number of issues in the ducts.

Either way, we’ll help you get down to the bottom of it. It’s important to have it checked in case it’s something worthy of needing attention from an expert of air conditioning repair in Frisco, Texas.

Normal Air Conditioning Noises

Normal air conditioner sounds include things like a clicking noise just after setting the thermostat. Then, you’ll hear the hum of the air conditioner, and eventually, the familiar noise of air blowing from the vents. These are normal noises, and ideally, you’d want to be able to take them for granted so that you can pretend they aren’t even there.

Troublesome Noises

On the other hand, you should never have to raise your voice just to be heard over the sound of your air conditioner. You also shouldn’t be hearing any new noises that you haven’t heard before.

Oversized Unit

If the sound of rushing air is so strong that it’s becoming a distraction, there’s a chance that your air conditioner might be oversized.

If that’s the case, you should check to see if you’re experiencing any signs of short-cycling. This is a common problem that often indicates an oversized unit, and includes symptoms like:

  • The AC turns on and off rapidly
  • Your cooling bill is much higher than usual
  • It takes a long time for your home to get cool

An oversized unit is typically a result of a rushed or amateur installation. Instead of calculating the power output of the AC specifically for your home, your installation technician may have used a reference book or just made an educated guess. If the unit truly is oversized, there’s not much you can do but to have it replaced completely.

Duct Issues

Assuming you’re using a central air conditioner, then that means you’re using a duct system with it. Ducts can sometimes develop problems that might create loud noises.

If you hear hissing, you might have duct leaks. The sound of air rushing through them can definitely be enough to cause some alarm. It’s not common that duct leaks make enough noise to be heard, so consider it a good thing that you can hear this problem! Having it fixed ASAP will help retain lost efficiency.

On the other hand, your ducts may have been badly designed and could be making banging or popping noises. An HVAC contractor can help you by replacing the ductwork in these areas.

Emergency Repair Issues

There are also noises that could indicate a very serious repair issue. We urge you to turn off the unit and call for repairs sooner than later if you hear noises such as:

  • Buzzing: A common indication of an electrical problem. Depending on how bad the issue is, it could be very dangerous to tinker with the AC when it’s buzzing.
  • Screaming: Most likely a refrigerant leak, which can bring serious damage to the compressor if prolonged.
  • Clanking: Loose or damaged parts often bang against the AC and cause clanking noises. Have them fixed ASAP before they get worse.

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