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Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

Scorching temperatures here in Texas are not a question of if they will happen, but when they will happen. Being prepared for blazing hot temperatures and the sun beating down on our homes is just a part of life here, and one of the first steps to being a homeowner here is being prepared for it. So, today we’re asking you, are you prepared for it?

If not, there’s no cause for concern. That’s what our team does in regards to HVAC in Sherman, TX—we help homeowners prepare their air conditioners for the intense summers to come. We’ve got the tools, but most importantly, the information necessary to keep your system running well into old age.

So, if you’re as invested in your system as we are, take a look below at some of the tips we’ve included to help you prepare your air conditioner.

The Benefits of a Spring Check-In

A spring check-in means doing a variety of activities that test the preparedness of your air conditioner. This process isn’t just taking your system out of hibernation and switching it on, there are a few guidelines you should follow before you just turn the system on in full swing.

  • Cleaning around your system. Did you notice any sticks, pebbles, dirt, debris, or leaves around the base of your outside air conditioner cabinet? These can be hazardous to the cooling process, and the moment you turn your system on, it’s going to have to deal with all of that obnoxious stuff in the way. By clearing a good two-foot area around your system, you can effectively remove anything that might stress your system when it starts cooling.
  • Clear indoor vents. It’s likely that your furniture has shifted since you last used your air conditioning. That means you could have air vents blocked by furniture, boxes, or other pieces of furniture that will counter the direct flow of cool air when your system starts up for the year. Unclog those vents and let the air flow freely!
  • Replace the air filter.  Your air conditioner relies on an air filter to avoid dust and debris clogging up the interior of the system and causing problems. Did you replace the filter before you put away your air conditioner last year? Regardless of whether or not you remembered to do this, it’s a good idea to check it now and replace it if necessary. Start fresh!
  • Schedule AC maintenance. Air conditioning maintenance is a vital service that HVAC professionals can provide. It allows one of our pros to thoroughly inspect your system for any minor repairs, adjustments that should be made, or to test efficiency levels. If you’re worried about the effectiveness of your system going into the summer to come, then air conditioning maintenance is the single best thing you can do for your system.

Looking to schedule quality air conditioning maintenance but don’t know where to start? That’s not a problem! Give our team a call today and we can set you up with AC specialists that can give you the lowdown on how to best prepare your system for the summer.

Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done right… Right now!

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