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What’s the Use of an Attic Fan?

It gets hot here in Plano, which is why we need to take advantage of every little bit of cooling help we can. Our air conditioners are powerful, along with the help of ceiling fans and curtains, we can keep the interiors of our homes safe from the scorching temperatures to come. However, what good is all of this going to do when our own attics can reach up to 130 degrees on the hottest of days? That’s like trying to cool your home while the oven is sitting on and open in your kitchen!

Thankfully, there are affordable and effective solutions for venting the heat in your attic and allowing your whole home to be cooled efficiently. That’s with the use of an attic fan! Since these systems run on electricity, you’re going to need certified electricians in Plano, TX to help get you set up with a system that’s bound to help.

How Does It Work?

During the summer, on the hottest of days, your attic absorbs most of the heat that is directed from the sun to your home. Because heat rises, the point of your home that’s at the highest point and has the most contact with direct sunlight (i.e. your attic) will heat up the most, sometimes to unbearable temperatures that are impossible to combat with a normal cooling system. If your attic reaches 130° and is poorly insulated, you’ll be lucky if your air conditioner can keep your home at the temperature that your thermostat has listed. This is just the nature of our climate here in Plano, and it requires a comprehensive solution like an attic fan.

An attic fan is simple, it deposits the hot air that’s been sitting in your attic through a vent. If you’re dealing with insulation problems, or just a large amount of heat that’s pooling together in your attic, an attic fan can help mitigate that heat and allow your cooling system to function effectively.

Advantages of an Attic Fan

An attic fan, or an attic vent, can keep your attic much cooler than normal at an incredibly affordable price. Since it’s just a fan that exhausts heat from your attic, it functions incredibly efficiently on electricity—and can be run at the same time as your air conditioner cools your home. When you’re running your attic fan, ceiling fans, and your powerful air conditioner, you can combat temperatures that rise above 100° with ease and at a minimal energy cost.

Call Our Team Today

Did we mention that attic fans can be solar powered? What better way to vent the heat of the sun’s rays from your attic, than by using the sun’s energy to do it? Our team can provide comprehensive attic fan installations that fit your budget and the size of your home. Don’t just deal with an attic that becomes a sink for heat as it slowly decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system. Call our team today for a solution to your attic insulation issues today!

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning can provide the solution to your cooling needs today. Call us! Get it done right… right now!

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