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Is Water Heater Maintenance Really Worth It?

Imagine thinking of an appliance or a device that you just couldn’t live without. Your bed, your television, your dishwasher perhaps? Now ask yourself, “is the health of that item really worth it?” We’ll let you answer that on your own.

Homeowners might think they don’t care much about their water heaters, but hot water is a necessity these days. What kind of a day would you have today if you had to take your showers cold, wash dishes with cold water, and wash your clothes with only cold water? We can assume it wouldn’t be a very good day.

Anyone out there, do yourself a favor and invest in maintenance for your water heaters in Plano, TX. We promise in the next few paragraphs, we’ll tell you exactly why such a service is absolutely necessary if you want to remain comfortable in your home this year.

Why Water Heater Maintenance?

You’re probably considering a lot of different types of maintenance right now. Maintenance is important for many things, like cars, furnaces, bicycles, and other things we depend on. However, that doesn’t mean that water heater maintenance should fall to the bottom of the list. In fact, water heater maintenance is one of the most important types of maintenance based on just how much we use our water heaters!

Neglected tank water heaters can start developing minerals along the sides of the tank, which will start impeding on the efficiency and effectiveness of the heater. Likewise, tankless water heaters can develop a dirty gas burner or suffer from a slew of other problems that gas-burning appliances usually deal with. Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that it’s silly to assume your water heater doesn’t need yearly maintenance.

What Does Maintenance Do?

This is a pretty simple question to answer. Water heater maintenance is a service where annually a professional technician comes to your home to inspect your system. There, they can flush your water heater to inspect the inside of the system and make sure it’s still in good shape to continue keeping you comfortable. Any minerals that might be deposited, leaks, or other problems will quickly be identified by the professional and communicated to you as a repair need. Think of this as a personal service that a technician performs for you every year.

The benefits are immeasurable. For instance, instead of being surprised by a water heater repair need every few years, your maintenance provider will tell you about the repair need ahead of time. This eliminates most surprise water heater repairs, and ensures that you’ll rarely ever take a cold shower for whatever reason. We can also help to mitigate repair needs, since a technician can provide minor adjustments and fixes on small issues before they become large issues.

Is It Worth It?

Look, we’re not your financial adviser. We won’t be able to tell you what services are worth your money and what aren’t. What we will say, is that anyone who cares about the hot water in their home, or the plumbing appliances they deal with on a daily basis, will absolutely find water heater maintenance worth it.

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