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Get Your Water Heater Serviced this Fall

A few weeks ago, we discussed the need to repair or replace your water heater. But with winter coming to Richardson, TX, even water heaters that don’t need repairs can benefit from a maintenance session. It will help reduce wear and tear during the cold months, and ensure that you don’t pay any more than you need to to keep your water hot no matter how cold it gets outside. 

A water heater maintenance session isn’t strictly a repair session, though it can help prevent the need for repairs by correcting all the little details that can create them. When the technician arises, he or she will asses your water heater and perform the following steps:

  • The water and heat will be shut off, and the outside of the heater will be examined for signs of damage or rust.
  • The thermosat will be checked and adjusted, to make sure it’s working the way it needs to.
  • Gas lines, water lines and fittings will be inspected for signs of damage, as will any bolts or fittings in the system.
  • The pressure relief valve will be tested to ensure that it is working as it should.
  • The burners will be checked and cleaned, to ensure that there aren’t any gas leaks or clogs that will prevent them from working.
  • The anode rod will be examined and replaced if it as worn out. (This is the device that prevents the sides of the water tank from rusting; it usually needs replacing every 2-3 years.)
  • The tank will be drained and flushed, in order to remove any sediment that has built up on the bottom.
  • The tank will be refilled, the heat and power will be turned back on and the water will be allowed to warm up before checking one last time to ensure that everything is functioning as it should.

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