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Dry Air Can Adversely Affect Your Heater

When winter temperatures come to Plano, TX, we quite rightly look for a reliable heating system to combat it. Heaters are absolutely essential in our neck of the woods to staying comfortable in the winter, and you should do everything you can as a homeowner to ensure that your system works the way it should. But temperature is not the only factor in determining winter comfort levels. Dry air can adversely affect your heater as well. Luckily, a whole-house humidifier provides the perfect answer. Here’s a few details on what exactly we mean. 

How Dry Air Affects Heating

Dry air is usually classified as air with relative humidity levels below 30% or so. It’s common in the winter because falling temperatures cause water vapor in the air to solidity into droplets, drying it out as a result. This can create a host of problems such as chapped lips, static electricity and increased risk of colds due to dry sinuses. In addition, dry air makes it feel cooler than it actually is, putting an undue burden on your heating system to make up the lost ground. That means higher monthly bills and a greater chance of a breakdown caused by wear and tear.

Humidifiers are the Answer

A whole-house humidifier is actually a very simple device: a pad or wick attached to a reservoir, with a fan blowing across the top. It sends moisture out in your home: helping it to feel warmer and more comfortable. Your heater won’t need to work so hard to do is job and bills will go down accordingly. Indeed, the savings could be enough to help offset the cost of installing the humidifier.

If you think a humidifier could be of some benefit in your home, then give the friendly pros at Hutchins Plumbing and Ar Conditioning a cal to discuss your options!

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