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Why Does My Plumbing Make a High-Pitched Noise?

Water running through the pipes in your home isn’t completely silent. It’s normal to hear the sound of flowing water if you have a sink or appliance on in your home. But there are some sounds that are considered abnormal to hear coming from your pipes. Among these sounds are high-pitched noises.

You may hear whistling, rattling, creaking, tapping, and even loud banging noises when water is on in your home. But none of these sounds fall into the normal category. If you hear high-pitched sounds in particular, it may be time to schedule service for your plumbing in McKinney, TX. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the causes behind high-pitched plumbing sounds so you know why it’s important to address issues ASAP. 

Whistling and Squealing in Your Plumbing

If you turn on a faucet or appliance that uses water, you may hear a whistling or squealing sound. When you hear these sounds, it means that water is being forced through an opening that is too small compared to what the system was designed for. It may be that the water pressure is too strong, or your plumbing is older and has worn down to the point that it cannot accommodate your water pressure. 

Addressing Whistling and Squealing Sounds in Your Plumbing

If you’re concerned about the noise, you can take steps to prevent it until you can schedule someone from our team to come out and assess the problem. Water pressure is measured in pounds (of pressure) per square inch (PSI). Normal water pressure for the line that comes into your home is between 45 and 55 PSI. Stronger water pressure can be turned down to lower pressure in the short term. 

You still want to have a professional assess the problem to see if something is wrong with your pipes. If your pipes are older or damaged due to mineral build-up, you want to address the problem sooner rather than later. Putting off service can lead to greater damage in the future. If you wait until your pipes are so damaged that they leak, you’ll end up paying even more for repairs to your home.

If you turn down the water pressure and still hear the high-pitched sounds, be sure to share that with our team when you call. High-pitched noises can be a small problem or a big problem. If you hear the whistling or squealing in a single room or area, then only a small portion of your pipes may be affected. 

But if you hear whistling and squealing throughout your home, the problem may be much larger. Keep in mind that a widespread problem is usually found in much older homes where the plumbing hasn’t been updated in decades. Replacing your pipes can feel like an overwhelming project – whether it’s in a single room or your entire home. But more efficient plumbing offers a lot of benefits to your home and family. 

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