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Use a Professional Plumbing Service for Drain Cleaning

drain-cleaning-with-drain-snakeDo a Google search for “drain cleaning,” and you’ll find countless DIY articles on how to clean your drain. You’ll see methods encouraging everything from using vinegar and baking soda to wire hangers. If one of these solutions does manage to fix your drain, we’re happy that your drain clog wasn’t too severe.

However, cleaning your drains doesn’t always go so smoothly. A severe clog won’t go away that easily. The wrong thing to do at that point is to step up your game with drain cleaning chemicals, drain snakes, or any other more drastic methods. In this post, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t avoid calling a professional of drain cleaning in Plano, TX next time you have a clog.

Professionals Have the Right Tools

The problem with clogs is that they get worse and worse over time. If you’re taking action only after the clog has become too severe, then a harmless DIY method might not be enough. It could be because the clog is just too big and impacted, or simply because it’s too far down for any tools to reach it.

Luckily, a professional will have an assortment of tools and methods to unclog that drain for you. One of the best methods is hydrojetting. No matter how severe the clog, hydrojetting will blast it away. The concept is simple, but operating a hydrojet does require the skills of a professional and experienced plumber. Not to mention they’re expensive—it’s not something that any homeowner should be expected to buy for the occasional clog.

Professionals Use Drain-Friendly Methods

You should definitely be careful about pouring concoctions down the drain. Some DIY websites go on and on about the success of pouring certain homemade recipes into your pipes, but as professionals, we can’t condone following any of those methods. We also don’t want to encourage you to shove any tools down the drain, as they can also cause damage.

Drain cleaners

Certain chemicals can have a terrible effect on your pipes. For example, the store-bought drain cleaners that seem so convenient are one of the worst things you can use. These drain cleaners work by using a nasty bunch of chemicals to eat away at the clog. Unfortunately, those chemicals also have a similar effect on the very pipes they’re trying to unclog!

Drain cleaners don’t always eliminate the clog completely. Before you know it, you’ll be pouring in more drain cleaner to fix the problem again. With enough time and exposure, the pipes will develop leaks and create a whole new problem.

Drain snakes

For the home handymen, they might be willing to run out and buy a drain snake. Although tempting, we urge you not to waste your time or effort on this method. It’s not because we don’t think you can do it. Rather, improper use of a drain snake can cause damage to your drains.

A drain snake consists of a long metal coil that you must rotate through the drain to try and break up the clog. If the length of the snake fails to reach the clog, you’ll be uselessly cranking it and damaging the pipes needlessly. Also, in the case of toilet clogs, shoving a drain in too far can get it stuck and can make big scratches on the clean white porcelain bowl.

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