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Say NO to Drain Cleaning Chemicals

There’s an amazing thing happening across the country if you pay attention to any agricultural or scientific news that comes out. Chemistry has always been a natural advantage of human society, boiling water to kill bacteria, or using hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound, but chemicals can also hurt us as well.

In the case of pesticides in our food, or using specific hormones, those chemicals can do a lot of unseen things and cause some pretty serious disruptions in our lives. The more we learn about certain chemicals, the more it becomes clear that chemicals should only be used sometimes. In fields like the plumbing industry, chemicals should never be used. There are actually much better available solutions at hand.

We’d like to talk today about why you should always opt for calling a plumber in Plano, TX instead of pouring drain cleaning chemicals into your sink.

How Caustic or Acidic Chemicals Work

Chemicals aren’t magic–they use chemistry to work like magic. Chemistry is the process of two or more materials reacting in certain ways. Chemicals can sometimes produce a wide variety of byproducts when they’re used, which can be pretty devastating in terms of plumbing chemicals.

Chemical reactions are problematic for your plumbing system because they produce things you don’t want, as well as things that might be harmful to you. Here are just three byproducts you could interact with if you send chemicals down your drain.

  • Heat. Have you ever dealt with a chemical burn? Chemical reactions can sometimes produce heat that harms human skin or can even weaken the integrity of your plumbing system.
  • Fumes. Chemical drain cleaners give off strong fumes that can give you a headache, a sore throat, or even cause some kind of reaction.
  • Pressure. Chemical reactions can release a lot of oxygen or carbon dioxide and start to bubble, which can increase the amount of pressure in a given area. This isn’t a problem for your drain, but it can be a problem if you spill that chemical anywhere, or accidentally ingest it.

Why Chemicals Are Bad for Your Drain

Chemicals are a bad solution because, even when they might harm your drain and your personal health by releasing fumes or causing chemical rashes, they barely even work at all! Chemicals can sometimes react with your pipe lining instead of the clogging material, doing the opposite of what you actually intended.

Call Our Team for Natural Solutions

Here’s an idea–why not call our team for an all-natural solution to your clogged drain? No, it won’t take several hours and the frustrated grunts of a plumber who can’t quite get at the problem area. We’re talking about hydro jetting!

Hydro jetting is a new type of plumbing solution where a plumber uses a pressurized water hose attached to the end of an auger. The auger is lowered into your drain and the water sprays out at such high pressure that it essentially removes anything that’s not your drain pipe or its lining. Any and all clogging contaminants are removed, and the only thing doing it is water!

Contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to invest in proper drain cleaning services. Get it done right… Right now!

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