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Need Sewer Line Services? Call a Plumbing Company 

video-pipe-inspectionHow would it sound if we told you to do your own sewer line cleaning? Hopefully you would respond by saying “that’s disgusting, I won’t do it!” But actually, the gross part of sewer cleaning is probably the least difficult part. For all you persistent DIYers out there, take off your hazmat suits and gas masks. We are determined to discourage you from messing with your sewer lines, and we’ll try to convince you through the rest of this post.

Sewer Lines are Underground

If you’ve ever gone so far as to think about working on your sewer lines, you must, of course, know that they’re underground. To perform an amateur sewer line replacement, you’ll have to dig up the entire sewer line, thus tearing up your property in the process.

The only thing worse is if you only need to replace one leaking section of pipe. If it’s not apparent where it’s located, then you might be doing guess-and-check until you find it.

If you do have a substantial sewer line problem that needs repair or replacement, however, you’re going to be extremely disappointed when you find out that professional plumbers can fix the problem relatively quick with trenchless technology. It only requires digging up a few holes instead of the entire line, and it has been saving homeowners and plumbers time and money for years.

Equipment Requires Expertise (And Money)

Professional plumbers have the resources and equipment that helps them get the job done—equipment that the average homeowner isn’t expected to have in their shed or garage.

Video Pipe Inspection Camera

If you can’t find the source of the problems, you could try renting your own video pipe inspection kit. But once you get the camera in the pipe, you might quickly discover that you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking at. Professional plumbers have years of experience diagnosing problems inside of pipes, and it takes a trained eye to be able to use equipment like video pipe inspectors.


A cursory glance for hydro-jets online shows prices from $1,000 to $10,000. It’s way too much money for a tool that you might only use a couple times a year. The price of renting one of these devices is on par with what you’d be paying for sewer cleaning in Plano, TX anyways, minus their skill and experience.

You might be asking, “I don’t need a hydro-jet, can’t I just use a drain snake?”

To get rid of a simple clog, yes, you can. But what makes hydro jetting so essential is that it blasts away the clogged substance without doing damage to the pipes. It will even wash out any of the potential buildup in your pipes, ensuring that any clog that was about to happen won’t. When you snake a drain, you’re just breaking up the clog and hoping that it all gets washed away, which isn’t always the case.

When you need sewer line services, don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Get it done right… Right now!

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