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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC

old-air-conditioner-needs-replacementWe’ll start by saying this first:

It’s perfectly valid to replace your AC because it isn’t cooling your home like it used to.

Age is a huge factor in determining when it’s time for replacement, and it can cause your AC to simply stop doing its job properly. Other than that, there are many reasons your AC can be performing less than stellar, and a quick maintenance call will be able to rule out those possibilities for you. A few other reasons to consider include:

SEER Rating Is in the Single Digits

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is a measure of your AC’s maximum potential energy savings. Due to environmental regulations, it’s required that your AC’s SEER rating meet or exceed a 14. Any new air conditioner installation must have 14 as a minimum. If you’re still using an AC with a SEER that’s below 10, replacement will be a huge improvement for you. You’ll immediately notice a decrease in your energy bills.

SEER ratings work somewhat like the miles per gallon rating on a car–the highest MPG can be obtained in the most ideal settings, but it’s possible to run the car so that it gets less than that. Likewise, an air conditioner can only fulfill its SEER rating when it’s up to date on maintenance and in great condition.

It Turns On and Off Way Too Much

Air conditioners are meant to run in long, slow cycles. This ensures that your home becomes thoroughly cool and stays cool for as long as possible. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the AC turns off and waits for that cool air to dissipate before turning back on again. This pattern of cycling helps your AC cool the home thoroughly and efficiently.

Now, what happens if the AC blasts the home with super cold air for a few minutes, turns off, then does it again? This is called short-cycling, and it can often indicate the need for replacement. Short-cycling usually happens because the AC is too powerful for the home; it’s not uncommon when installations are rushed. However, first make sure that the short-cycling is not being caused by a dirty air filter or another issue that can be fixed without the need for replacement.

More than Two Repairs Per Year

It’s commonly said that you should replace your AC if the cost of the repairs is beginning to outweigh the cost of the replacement. However, by the time you reach that point, you’ll basically be paying for two replacements!

Instead, start considering a new AC before getting a third repair done in the same year. As long as you’re getting maintenance regularly to begin with, you should only be anticipating maybe one air conditioning repair call in Plano, TX per year. That second repair could be due to some fluke. But a third? As long as your air conditioner isn’t brand new or well within the youth of if its lifespan, it’s most likely time to consider a replacement.

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