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Mesh Screens Will Change Your Life!

Okay, before you say anything, we’re talking about plumbing here. No, a mesh screen won’t help you change a flat on the side of the highway, nor will it be very helpful when you’ve got a power outage. However, once we get to the subject of plumbing, mesh screens can be a huge game-changer.

The important thing is limiting the amount of gunk that gets flushed down our drain so that we don’t need to deal with too many clogs, right? Any plumber in Plano, TX will tell you that a mesh screen, or some kind of drain guard, will help reduce the amount of waste that gets sent into your drain, and help keep things clog-free.

Don’t worry, we’ll get into the specifics about how mesh screens really provide that much relief, and what you can do if you’re still suffering from drain woes.

The Materials of Your Drain

Let’s think critically for a moment. What are our sink drains for? Well, when we use our faucets and water comes out, it needs to go somewhere. That drain is great for removing the used water from our faucet and sending it into the sewer system where it can be cleaned and recycled back into the world. That’s why our drains, pipes, and sewer systems are shaped the way they are—they’re meant to only take liquids.

When solids enter the drain system of your home, they can cause some problems. For starters, anything that’s solid has the potential to get caught in nooks and crannies of your plumbing system, to the point of creating a clog that’s pretty tough to remove in general. This can be constructed by any solid material—from a few peanuts to the inside of a carved pumpkin!


You must be thinking, “well my drain is still clogged, but I never flush solid waste down it.” While you might be right, FOGs can also be a huge problem if you’re not careful. FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, and while they’re not necessarily solid all the time, they can gunk up your plumbing system all the same. As FOG materials cool down, they go from viscous liquid to solid fat, and that can be just enough to clog up your drain. It’s a good idea to remove FOGs before they go down the drain and send them where they belong—in the trash!

Mesh Screens Can Help

We promised to talk about mesh screens in this blog post so that’s exactly what we’ll do! Mesh screens are a wonderful way to ensure that no solid waste gets flushed down your drain. They can even help mitigate FOG materials, depending on how thick the mesh screen is! They can be a lifesaver after cooking a huge family meal, and they’ll likely save you in the long term by cutting down on clog removal costs.

We’re not trying to discourage you from calling a plumber. In fact, most of the time a plumber is the best solution for cleaning a drain and removing clogs. We’re just encouraging homeowners to keep their plumbing systems clean and clear to reduce their need for plumbing help.

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