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Have a Bathroom Drain Clog? Here’s What to Do

Sometimes the heat gets too unbearable and it’s a good idea to spend the day indoors. Staying cool, comfortable, and hydrated is a great way to pass a heatwave. With all our talk about AC maintenance and repairs, you’re probably feeling good that your HVAC system is good to go and nothing will stand in the way of your comfort—until your drains clog.

We know, the switch from AC to plumbing is quite the topic change, but with so much of our time being spent indoors these days, it’s worth talking about. Your bathroom plumbing in Plano, TX might not be in good condition, and you can kiss your comfort goodbye if you start dealing with a drain clog.

So, it’s time to shift away from our talk about air conditioning, and focus on a system that rarely gets the spotlight—our plumbing!

Dealing with Drains

If you’ve been dealing with a clogged drain in your bathroom, we know it has to be a struggle. After all, our bathrooms have some pretty important uses in our lives and they all require running water and drains that work. When there’s a problem with one of those things, it can be a huge hassle. Since we’re your local team of plumbing experts, we decided to give you a handy list of how to mitigate drain clogs. Pay close attention to our last piece of advice, since it’s the most comprehensive tip of them all.

Utilize a Plunger

While most homeowners know that plungers are an effective way of dealing with drain clogs, they don’t actually know how they work. This is surprising to us, but we won’t fault anyone for not doing their plumbing research. Plumbers work so well because they create a natural seal in your drain. Thus, when you plunge, it pressurizes the drain and pushes the clog out. Similarly to how a straw works when you drink through it, that pressurized seal is powerful enough to remove many clogs.

Handy Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are exceptionally good at removing clogs in your bathroom. Since hair is such a prominent clogging material in our bathrooms drains, plungers aren’t really enough. Hairs are fibrous and almost microscopic, which means a pressurized seal doesn’t do much to remove them. However, a drain snake is perfect!

Drain snakes are plastic or metal wirings that can be dropped down into your drain to snag onto clogging material. This works well for hair since it can grab it or yank it out, thus removing your clog with some all-natural elbow grease!

Call a Plumber

Sometimes it’s natural for a clog to be hard to remove. Homeowners tend to feel shame or guilt when they’ve tried everything and for some reason, they can’t remove their bathroom drain clog. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay. Some clogs require the help of a trained professional with industry-grade equipment. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a plumber to remove your drain clog. And trust us, a plumber can always clear a drain. If you need a more comprehensive solution to your drain clog, call our team today.

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