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When to Repair and When to Replace: Our Guide

When you think about replacing your heating system, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it the fact that you would rather just repair your heating system forever and just skip the thought of replacement? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether or not your system is too young to be replaced? These are all great things to be thinking about, and we just want to inform you a little bit about the basics of heater replacement.

No, a heater isn’t a muscle car from the 70s. You won’t be able to keep it forever unless you’re willing to pay several times the normal amount of money to have it fixed every year. And similarly, one visit for heating repair in Plano, TX isn’t the end of the world. Keep reading, and we’ll give you some industry secrets that can help you decide between replacement or repairs.

When to Repair

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that most of the time your heater will probably do well with a targeted repair performed by our team. Replacement services are specifically designed to remove units that are either too old, critically malfunctioning, or units that are untenable to keep paying for. We’ll go over the specifics as to when replacement can help the most, but if you’re worried about your heater, then repairs can be a great place to start.

Our team is trustworthy too, which means we’ll tell you when we think replacement might save you money in the long run. So, you can start by calling us for repairs and we’ll take a look at the problem. If it looks like the repair might be too expensive, or if a single set of repairs won’t solve your problem, then we can discuss our replacement services.

When to Replace

Here are just a few good reasons to consider replacing your heater for the winters to come.

  • Age. How old is your heater? If it’s beyond 10 years in age, then consider a replacement. After 10 years, a heater could start running into more frequent problems and lower efficiency.
  • Inefficiency. Your heater should run at an affordable rate. As it gets older, it’s going to run less efficiently and cost you more money month to month. No, there’s no real way to avoid this without replacing the system entirely with one that’s going to give you high efficiency for the next several years.
  • Safety. We all hear horror stories about a malfunctioning gas furnace in an unsafe home. Stop this from becoming a reality by retiring your old gas furnace when it starts giving you problems. This can help avoid a safety concern later on.
  • Frequent Repairs. If you need heater repairs every year, then there could be something wrong with your system like a botched installation, improper sizing, or worse. A replacement could solve the issue entirely.

A Tip From the Pros

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow: If repairs are costing more than half the cost of a new heating system, then getting it replaced is almost always going to be the more cost-effective option.

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