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Use These Tips to Keep Heating Repair Costs Down

heating-system-repairsWith winter on its way, local homeowners are going to be using their heating systems more and more often. The added stress and strain can often lead to breakdowns, especially in older systems that have seen their share of harsh winters. A good repair service can move swiftly to get the issue dealt with, but an ounce of prevention always beats a pound of cure. The more you can do to reduce the cost of repair calls – or better yet, prevent those calls in the first place – the better off you’ll be.

Lowering costs means lowering strain on your system, which means running it less and making better use of the heat it does generate. In many cases, you may be applying cost-saving measures already: lowering the heat when you sleep, for example, or when everyone is out for the day at work or school. But there are additional steps you can take to get the system in ship shape for winter and cut down on the potential costs of repairs.

Get It Maintained

We always recommend maintenance sessions once a year for your heating system, ideally in the fall before the cold weather hits. It gives the technician a chance to look the system over for any potential problems. If the issue is small – a worn fitting or a loose bolt, for example, it can be corrected immediately as part of the maintenance session. If it requires a more thorough repair job, you can schedule it immediately and get it taken care of before you have serious need of the system.

Not only does it let you schedule repairs on your timetable (as opposed to scrambling in the face of an unexpected breakdown), but the repairs usually cost less since they haven’t had as much time to spread. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions can also help prevent wear and tear on the system, which further reduces the chances of a breakdown.

Winterize Your Home

The energy efficiency of your home itself can hugely cut down on the costs of heating it. A good technician can give your home a look and make some recommendations as to upgrades for your system: things like zone control systems or duct sealing services to reduce heat loss in your ducts. If you have an older thermostat, consider replacing it with a new smart thermostat, which can make automatic adjustments to your heating based on your specific needs and habits.

You can also take steps yourself to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Use weather stripping to seal cracks under doors and windows, for example, and set the thermostat a little lower than normal when running the system. Glass doors and outside doors can be covered with plastic film as well: available at any hardware store and drastically cutting down on the heat lost in those locations. That reduces the strain on your heating system and thus cuts down on the risk (and cost) of repairs.

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