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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

We’re entering into the coldest time of the year, which means that our phone lines are going to be ringing off the hook for heating repairs in Plano, TX. Don’t get us wrong, we’re ecstatic about it! We love being able to help homeowners in need with our specialized training and services, and we’ll always be there to help you with our 24/7 emergency hotline.

However, we’re not a magic genie. You can’t just rub a lamp and we appear to fix your heating system. We have to stock up our trucks, make sure we have the right equipment on hand and drive to your home. This could take anywhere from just a few minutes to an hour depending on the weather and the location of your house. What we’re saying is that you need to work on keeping your home warm until we get there.

Here are some ways to do that.

Cook a Warm, Homemade Meal

It’s soup season! When things are at their coldest here in Plano, nothing can warm a soul up more than a hot cup of homemade soup. This might be the perfect opportunity to take some of those dried herbs you saved from your fall garden and add them to a delicious stock.

Keep in mind that this is very different from using your gas or electric cooking stove to heat your home. You should never, under any circumstances, try to heat your home with a cooking appliance. This is dangerous and doesn’t work nearly as well as you might think it does. Instead, let the humidity of a boiling soup fill your kitchen, and eating a warm meal will help keep your body’s strength and temperature up.

Move Around!

Physical activity is a great way to produce heat. While it might be a little too chilly outdoors to do anything fun, you can always do some fun activities indoors? Try making a playlist of some of your favorite tunes and have a dance party with the family! Or, it might be time to play some indoor games with the kids. This can add a lot of body heat to the room and keep things warm while you’re waiting for our team to arrive.

Snuggle Up and Use Body Heat

If you’re not in the mood to cook a meal or do something physical, there’s nothing wrong with that! Instead, why not get the whole family together for a movie? By snuggling up on the couch or sectional and staying close, your bodies will resonate body heat and increase the temperature of the room you’re in.

Bundle Up!

Now might be the best time to pull out those extra thick comforters, ugly sweaters, and the blankets that your parents knitted for you. Bundling up is a great way to help retain heat in your body, so that you’re not freezing when we arrive to finally fix your heating system and bring heat back to your home.

Remember, heating repairs can be fast, but it’s still going to take time for your heater to fill your home back up with warm air. Stay safe and comfortable, and we will do the rest!

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