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Is Your Heater Going to Last All Season?

How is your heating system doing? Does it keep you warm and cozy at night or are you constantly pulling up blog posts and articles about how to fix a struggling heater? Don’t worry, we’re not here to pass judgment or tell you what to do—that’s simply not our job. We’re local HVAC professionals that specialize in heating in Plano, TX, so we’re just here to talk about the technology and best practices that could keep you warmer for longer.

We’ve been getting some brutal, record-breaking cold temperatures here in Texas, which means that every year it’s becoming more important to have a reliable heating system. Heaters that can effectively last all season are going to beat out heaters that are problematic and constantly on the fritz.

Here’s a great checklist to see if your heating system will last all winter season, or if you might want to get some professional attention for it.

Our Heater Longevity Checklist

Longevity is one of the most important aspects of a heating system. It has to be able to keep your home comfortable throughout the whole season. If it can’t, then it’s going to require a lot of legwork from you and a professional to get there. Here are some ways to ensure that your heating system is ready to perform as it should.

  • The system is maintained. How well-maintained is your heating system? Does it get professional maintenance every year or do you just do a quick check to ensure it looks good on the outside? We’re not here to shame anyone if they missed heating maintenance. After all, you could’ve just bought your house and it might have been out of your control! Make sure you get your heating system maintained so it’s ready for the future.
  • Your heating system doesn’t run up the heating bill. A high heating bill can be a sign that your heating system is really starting to struggle. It’s operating inefficiently, which means it is consuming more energy than it should to run the exact same way it always has.
  • It runs safely and securely. Make sure your get your furnace inspected by a professional so you know it’s operating safely. Otherwise, you could have a breakdown and a safety concern on your hands.
  • It doesn’t make you uncomfortable. What’s the point of investing in your heating system if it doesn’t keep you comfortable? This is true for a heating system that is old or brand-new, it doesn’t really matter, it should reliably be able to heat the air in your home at an affordable price. If not, then it might be time to either fix it so it can heat your home, or get it replaced by a system that can get the job done.
  • It’s not obnoxious. Does your heater make any strange noises during the night? Or perhaps it just smells bad when you run it? An obnoxious heating system is going to be a problem for your home in many ways, but the most important is that it impacts your peace of mind and comfort. Get your system addressed if it’s annoying you.

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