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Is It Too Late for Furnace Maintenance?

The short answer, no. But you didn’t come here to hear us say that, right? You come to this blog for the real details behind our claims, and we anticipated that! There’s a lot that goes into the decision behind furnace maintenance, and our team is dedicated to making sure that every furnace is in good condition, no matter the season. Just because it’s spring and finally warming up, doesn’t mean it’s too late for furnace service in Plano, TX. First of all, there will be a few more chilly nights that require your furnace, so you don’t have to feel like the need for them is gone. And secondly, even if every night was warm from here on out, your furnace will be needed again come fall, and maintenance will help it last longer. The importance is less when you get maintenance done, but how frequently you get it done.

Regular Maintenance Is Vital

This is the important part that we want to emphasize in this blog post. Regular maintenance is vital, not just late or early maintenance. It’s so important that we cover this topic clearly. It doesn’t matter when you get your system maintained, all that really matters is that you get it maintained regularly. A furnace requires maintenance on a yearly basis. Not only will this help by improving system longevity and the efficiency of your furnace, but it will also keep your furnace safe. If you’ve got a gas furnace, this is essential because a gas-burning furnace needs to operate safely so that you’re not in danger of inhaling carbon monoxide, smoke, or dealing with a fire hazard. So, if you were wondering if you should call for maintenance now or wait until later, if you haven’t gotten maintenance done since a year ago, then it’s a good idea to schedule now.

Maintenance Now Is a Good Idea

We want to reiterate this so there’s no grey area with customers. If your furnace hasn’t been maintained in over a year, then it’s absolutely a good idea to schedule maintenance now. This service will improve the efficiency, comfort, and safety of your furnace system to the point where it will be well worth the money.

Why Maintenance in Fall or Winter Is More Common

Now, let’s move on to the more nuanced topic. Why do homeowners so frequently get maintenance for their furnace system in the fall or winter? There are two answers to this question, and they’re actually quite simple. The first reason is that people rely on their furnaces at this time, so it can be easier to remember that you need furnace maintenance. Since this system is already such a huge dependence when temperatures drop during these seasons, homeowners will be less likely to forget about maintenance. The second reason is that the dip in temperature can be a bit of a shock, and there’s usually a big push for homeowners to prepare for the cold winter ahead. When temperatures are warming up, like they are now, it can be easy to relax and just shrug off the idea of furnace maintenance until later.

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