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4 Sounds Your Furnace Should Not Be Making


We are in the middle of winter and your furnace has been working hard to keep your home warm, cozy, and comfortable. When your heater is on, it should never make unusual sounds. Sure, it’s not completely silent, but there are certain sounds that if you hear them coming from your furnace are cause for alarm.

In fact, there are some sounds that require a call to a heating expert sooner rather than later. Allowing an unusual furnace noise to continue will just make whatever problem is causing it worse over time. If you think that you need furnace repair in Plano, TX, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about furnace sounds that should concern you and warrant a call for repairs.


Your furnace should never make a scraping sound that sounds like metal on metal. If this happens, turn the system off right away. That friction means that something is loose or bent. Allowing the system to stay on and continue running could lead to major damage to your furnace. In fact, it could even pose risks for your entire home depending on how bad the problem is. For example, if it’s the blower, then allowing it to stay on could cause the motor to burn up which would require replacement. 


If there is a whistling sound in your furnace, it’s usually an indication that there is a leak in your gas valve. Holes are usually very tiny and when the gas makes its way through, the pressure causes a whistling sound. Ignoring a gas leak can put your family’s health at risk. Plus, gas is highly flammable. You definitely don’t want to try and fix this problem yourself. Instead, call our professionals so that we can handle the problem safely and ensure that it is fixed correctly.

Banging or Booming

If a sound is so loud and sudden that it startles you, that is a big problem. A noise this loud could mean that too much pressure is building up inside your heat exchanger. This pressure can lead to heat exchanger cracks which are very dangerous. Your heat exchanger absolutely has to remain airtight without any damage. If your heat exchanger does crack due to an increase in pressure, your entire system has to be replaced because there is no way to fix it. 


If you hear rattling, it may not alarm you because the sound may be fairly quiet or intermittent. But rattling can indicate that there is a small, loose part bouncing around inside your heating unit. If the part remains loose and continues to knock around, it could lead to significant damage to the inside of your system. Even if your heater continues to work and you don’t see any external damage, you still need to get it checked. You don’t want that loose part to cause any additional damage that could be costly to repair.

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